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Request Does anyone know how to create enemies from statues (armor, deformed man, etc.)?
PatPeter Offline
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Does anyone know how to create enemies from statues (armor, deformed man, etc.)?

It has always been my dream to create Amnesia enemies out of the statues in game. I always thought I could use the Amnesia model editor for this, but then I found out that the model editor is only for establishing its properties in the HPL engine.

I understand that the statues are standing on pedestals that would need to be removed, joints would need to be added to the statues, and bones would need to be placed in the appendages, but I feel like a statue just standing on a pedestal that suddenly comes to life would be the scariest thing ever.

Here are the models I would think are best for this:
  • entities\statues\armour_nice
  • entities\statues\armour_rusty
  • entities\statues\deformed_man
  • entities\statues\deformed_man_noHead
  • entities\ornament\armor

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11-01-2015, 04:58 AM
Romulator Offline
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RE: Does anyone know how to create enemies from statues (armor, deformed man, etc.)?

I'm not a modeller, but my understanding would be;

- Open the dae in a 3rd party modelling tool, such as Blender, Maya or 3DS Max.
- Create animations for the model. You'll need an idle, walk, run and at least one attack animation to work as an enemy.
- Export the animations.
- Assign them in the model editor.

That is the most barebones method. There's probably a ton of things that you also have to do, such as rig the models if they have not been done already, create/assign some sounds, export them with specific settings; I'm not sure, since I am not a modeller of any sorts.

You can also try Carnivorous Jellybean's retextured suitor. It includes a static entity (Credits to The Chaser) you can use as a "posed" statue before you make it into an enemy.

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11-01-2015, 05:09 AM
PutraenusAlivius Offline
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RE: Does anyone know how to create enemies from statues (armor, deformed man, etc.)?

Since you already got a finished object, you'll only need to rig it. (NOTE I'm using Blender so it may be different)

Now I haven't seen the model in Blender yet, but I'll assume, and this is probably wrong, that the jointed parts like the elbows, knees, etc would be joined with the main body, and as such you'll need to remove them from the Parent body.

After that you would want to create bones and joints according the model build and attach them to the object with the Parent and Child thing.

You animate them with the timeline. Export them, then go to the ModelEditor to check it out. Assign some sounds and stuff.

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11-01-2015, 08:15 AM

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