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Congrats and Chapeau
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Congrats and Chapeau

I've finished OVERTURE just recently, unfortunatly with low settings because I thought my old PC won't run properly. Damn I loved it. About 1 hour in the game and I ordered BLACK PLAGUE. The more I played the more I knew the purchase was the best thing to do. Now I'm into BLACK PLAGUE, probably about 3/4 throught and it's a great improvement over the first one. Though, as already said, the first I find absolutly sensational.

To tell you the truth, this game was made FOR ME. Yes. You might admit it. Really. I don't like shooters that much (I'm just not fast or good enough so I tend to quickly use god cheats). I always wanted to have a game with only few action. I also love it when there's no respawn enemies so that each of the given enemies get some kind of character. BIOFORGE anyone? You had to fight around 7 enemies throughtout which was more believable in regard of the story (it's about an almost entirely deserted moon station very far away in a star system beyond the known ones, where something terrible has happened, so to make you feel like the lost hero respawning enemies would have ruined the atmosphere). Same with Penumbra. I really gotta congrat you guys for the braveness of keeping the pace and mood and not throw respawing enemies at the player.

The beginning is also extremly effective when there's some spider and wolf crawling by that always seems to be around the next corner whilst in fact there's no confrontation yet untill you enter the specific area. Very cinematic. I loved that also with HALF LIFE. To my surprise, too many people feel bored already when there's no gun shot during the first 5 minutes. Man, they gotta be very nervous!

Also I think the tension is high with this kind of mix of dark, wet concrete underground corridors/halls and gameplay. I mean, standing in a dark corner of an unknown, dark underground facility and looking for things with only a lamp sets a very isolated, intimate mood. Deactivating the 'blinking items' also helps to immerse even more. It was like a little scare on itself to realize in the secret room in the SHAFT 13 (or 12?) that one of the paper clips on the wall can actually be read. Like HOOO there's a piece of information here! I don't know, but that kinda feels intimate for a strange reason. Enhances the immersion I think.

Back when SYSTEM SHOCK for the PC was released, I once replayed it with the difficulty set to ZERO. Like that, you just play the story, no attacking enemies and one shot kills. Most people were bored but me. Man, I loved roaming around that quiet dead space station, looking for panels, mails, keys, codes and items.

Ah I forgot: just after finishing Penumbra Overture I fumbled around with the settings only to realize that the game runs still smoothly with everything turned up to the highest. Immediatly replayed it and loved it even more then.

Great job, guys. Can't wait for REQUIEM that already fulfills my priorities by just looking at the reviews, including the bad ones going "Aw no action??". For that alone I gotta say "THANK YOU JENS AND CO!"

I sure as hell am gonna buy your new game ANMESIA (or however it's called...). I don't think any bad review can change that. Man, I'd like to have a beer with you guys just to show you how much appreciate your output so far. You make dreams come true!

Well, that's it already. Gotta go back to work (looking forward to continuing my trip throught the decaying facility tonight yeeeeeeah!)
02-19-2010, 02:49 PM
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RE: Congrats and Chapeau

Thanks for the kind words and glad you enjoyed the games!
02-19-2010, 05:00 PM

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