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Penumbra (Requiem) Ending General Discussion
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RE: Penumbra (Requiem) Ending General Discussion

(07-28-2011, 02:59 AM)Goja Wrote:
(07-09-2011, 03:56 PM)BAndrew Wrote: ...Amnesia the dark descent was far better than penumbra. I was only a bit dissapointed with the story but in overall it was excellent...
...Amnesia is a more "polished" game, which also means more enjoyable by the mass > mainstream. Overture is and will stay the best to me. I'd be glad to be wrong though, but i know i'm not. Dunno how long you've been playing video games but i've seen how things evolved and i'm 200% sure of what i'm saying. Again, the fact they're developping on xbox360 shows it all (even if they do it cause of piracy, they'll end up mainstreaming, else they won't sell)...
As long as I'm quite new to the forum I'm just wondering around, looking what was told and discussed and what looks like an interesting theme for me personally. And this particular short conversation about the mainstream and true independence is something interesting to talk about... hmm... so don't worry I'm spamming all over the place. It's not about that, I'm just trying to look around, no less, no more.

What I think is that no matter if you're developing for masses or for a limited number of fans. I would even say that it's just great when an artist have an opportunity to continuously create something he loves and be payed for that. That's a rare happening I might say, most of times artists are easily a beggars. No need to go far for an example, Edgar Poe and Howard Lovecraft both died in almost an absolute poverty. So I'm just really glad Frictional got their attention of the public with Penumbra series and were able to continue their "horrible researches" on a more expensive level with Amnesia. What I want to say and what I believe is that no matter if you're a big major studio with big budgets or a pair of independent guys. The only thing that matters is that you have to continue to search and search and search... and never stop, until death will stop you. That's it, that simple. The continuous process of artistic researching is the only thing that important. It's all about experimenting and searching for a new ways of storytelling and immersing a player more and more. And according to one of the latest quotes by Thomas that's exactly what Frictional are continuing to do, searching and experimenting: "...I was after something like in the movie "Das Experiment" were you at the end really think about your own feeling and your own divisions between good guys and bad guys, and how it all was just based on random chance. Amnesia never had that and mainly is just about scaring the player. For the next game I want the theme not just to be set dressing. I want it to really be at the front and to be something that the player really experience and is forced to confront..." So there's nothing to worry about as long as Frictional will continue to search and experiment. And I'm glad their budgets and team got wider and bigger.
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