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Inhuman, an Amnesia custom story
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Inhuman, an Amnesia custom story

Hey guys, this is a custom story I've been working on for a year now and I decided to share it with you and hopefully get some feedback/suggestions/support.

As I complete levels I always record a full playthrough and upload it to youtube onto my channel where you can see everything that I've made so far (*wink wink* subscribe please)

My channel

I work alone and put a lot of effort into it which is why I usually take over 100 hours working on each map (besides the very first one which is small).

Some of the features of the custom story:

An attempt to combine The Dark Descent inventory/puzzle gameplay with Machine for Pigs' heavy emphasis on the story.

Utilisation of A Machine for Pigs resources

Very high emphasis on detailed maps. There is some object in every corner, every single drawer/shelf has something, no copypaste

Thought-through plot with many twists. The plot has nothing to do with Amnesia storylines.

Slow paced plot, allowing the player to understand everything that is going on. First mobs in lvl 5.

Fully voice-overed. Currently I voice everything but will look for volunteers as I near completion.

Custom sounds. Some custom models in future too - but only a few.

Lots and lots of 'copied' and original puzzles. From opening doors with crowbars to collapsing ceilings.

Easter eggs.

No wardrobe hiding. All or most wardrobes have something in them. You must hide elsewhere to make things more interesting.

Lots of mementos and clues - less chance of getting stuck.

Judging from my uploaded walkthroughs, it takes 70 minutes to complete JUST the 5 levels I've made so far PROVIDING you don't get stuck. This means that the whole custom story will take about 4-6 hours once completed.

I suggest you watch this video which is the latest completed level. (Please note youtube makes videos appear darker, it's a bit brighter in the game with normal gamma and easier see).

Alternatively you can also see some screenshots here.

[Image: 5fp08p.jpg]

[Image: 6sds41.jpg]

[Image: v7egyu.jpg]

[Image: nqu7vs.jpg]

Non embedded screen 1

Non embedded screen 2

The plot so far:

London, 1831. You are Oscar White, a private detective in his late 30s who is depressed with his life and boring cases which results in his drinking (no, the whole story is not his drunken dream). One rainy night he gets awoken by heavy knocking on his door. He is lying drunk and fails to answer on time. A note is left pleading him to investigate the Highburn Keep located on the other side of England where its lord Edmund Farrow is supposedly torturing and killing many innocents. Oscar takes it for a joke and returns to sleep. In his dreams he is haunted by voices and as the thunder strikes and awakens him in cold sweat, he decides to investigate as the lives of others could truly be at stake. In rain, he heads through the streets to the local library in an attempt to discover more about Edmund. It turns out he is a very wealthy and respected man for running charities, providing shelter, curing the victims of the second cholera outbreak and providing workshops and education. His status makes him untouchable as no one would dare accuse such a noble man. Oscar proceeds by taking a carriage, arriving at the castle courtyard and breaking into the castle through the balcony window. As he sneaks from one room to the other he is followed by a mutilated blind man swearing to get him. Oscar believes that he wasn't misled and something is seriously wrong which is why its his duty to keep going until he finds more evidence.

If you are interested in seeing this custom story completed please post something and subscribe to my channel. This story is taking a whole lot of my time which I have to juggle with university and all support to continue my work is highly appreciated. Thank you.

My channel

Other videos - Please note I've improved greatly from my first level to the last one and plan to make a few changes to the early levels

Level 1 - Home

Level 2 - Streets

Level 3 - Library

Level 4 - Courtyard

Level 5 - Hall

Thanks to Mudbill, Vengeance Films, and others for providing great youtube tutorials which taught me everything I know about making custom stories.
12-01-2015, 12:52 PM
Mudbill Offline

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RE: Inhuman, an Amnesia custom story

Looks like you've paid quite a lot of attention to detail, which is great. I like ^^

12-02-2015, 01:55 AM

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