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All 4 in one pack? Please!!
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RE: All 4 in one pack? Please!!

(06-28-2010, 09:07 AM)Scraper Wrote: Back to the topic, thanks.

tbh, what more is there to say? Its a good idea, if unnecessary, and its upto Frictional Games, and possibly whatever publisher they go through. If they wanna do it, more power to them, if not then the world keeps on going. Its kinda of a moot point, especially when you consider how cheap these games already are.
06-29-2010, 06:13 PM
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RE: All 4 in one pack? Please!!

Agreed. You can get the set for $40 total; at full price.
06-29-2010, 10:29 PM
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RE: All 4 in one pack? Please!!

(06-26-2010, 08:37 AM)wrath Wrote: That (bit...uh...) female dog thing/bastard.... Uh do I have to watch my language in this place?

Here´s the forum rules:
06-30-2010, 06:57 PM
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RE: All 4 in one pack? Please!!

(06-02-2010, 05:23 PM)SuddenJonatan Wrote: Hey. Im new here. To be honest i havent played any of the Penumbra games.
Yes, hate me if you want toSad
But anyway i checked out the store and i saw that all three games coud be bought. So you get my question?
Will there possible to dowload/buy all 4 games when Amnesia is out?

you know steam hasnt changed the pricing on the game and you can buy the collection from fricitonals store for around 4GBP ?

im speaking on behalf of the Penumbra Series

09-05-2010, 06:24 PM

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