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Your shock moments
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RE: Your shock moments

I have now finally played through Overture. My top scares are:

The first dog encounter. That first howl. I just hid in the corner praying it didn't come around. I peaked around and saw its glowing eyes. I got to the next door, barricade it, not realizing that it can break through. After a while they ain't that scary.

The spider tunnel when you need to block the holes up and run for your life. They're kind funny the next time cause they just jump around, until one jumped straight into my face. Never panicked so much in my life Tongue

The first worm encounter was funny, I ran not knowing what was coming and tried to jump across the blanks and just fell in the pit Sad Also the final chase scene was great. Failed a lot at that, but after more panicky moments and some awesome jumping managed to get past it.

But the worse part for my was the end. I saw that shadowy figure just looking at me, refusing to move forward, I eventually had the guts to do it, lights went off and took baby steps forward. Didn't look at the screen thinking some demon face would just out of the darkness and then died. Still jumped though haha.

The story was very creepy and hearing reds voice kinda comforted me but then end was sad Sad the music after that was terrifying when you go through his stuff. Up next...Black Plague...looks ALOT scarier :/

Think A Little, Change A Lot
12-13-2011, 11:24 AM
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RE: Your shock moments

Tbh, words can't describe my shock moments.
So instead, here's a video of me and my friend screaming like little girls.
You'd think having a friend would make it easier, but its worse, if something makes them jump, it makes you jump even more! :L

Subscribe if you like it, cause we'll probably do the expansion too Smile
P.S the corridors near Amabel scared the shit out of me, too dark Sad

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12-28-2011, 10:18 PM
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RE: Your shock moments

The only time the game really scared me was the first time I saw the dog. It walkex up to the box I was hiding at and it actually crawled up to the box and went right beside me. For some stupid damn reason the glass bottle broke and it alerted my location after HE (i think :S) breaks it. So I freak out and run.
12-29-2011, 04:32 AM

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