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Why get me 40 dollars charged again for the HaptX edition?
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Why get me 40 dollars charged again for the HaptX edition?

While other games support the Novint Falcon through an update (like Valve's Source games, love them for that), and some are supported by driver updates, Frictional Games products are required to be rebought if you already own them, just so you can play them with the Novint Falcon.

This is the first disappointment I come across with Frictional Games.


Frictional Games, what good reason do you have to get me 40 dollars charged again, while I own the collection on my Steam account, and would like to have it working out of the box with the ones on my Steam account?


I just did some searching, and apparently there are lots of complaints about the HaptX edition, not to mention that Frictional Games is completely lacking support when it comes down to that. Frictional Games, it is your product, just a bit modified and sold by another company.

Why can't you just be like Valve and support it in an update, why go through all this trouble and mess?

I am seriously disappointed, I was hoping for such a moment never to come. I still respect you guys and will buy your games (as I just did, pre-purchasing Amnesia: The Dark Descent), but I won't forget about this when future disappointments come along, and stack up.

This is definitely a nice way to treat your loyal followers/customers/supporters... *sarcasm*


Yeah just got me the HaptX editions, but still, the disappointment is still there...

07-13-2010, 10:50 AM
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RE: Why get me 40 dollars charged again for the HaptX edition?

The Novint Falcon version was developed by HaptX, so any problems are best sent to them. From what I can tell by reading on the Novint Falcon forum they answer and help users with troubles swiftly.

Web site: http://haptx.com or http://reachin.se
Email: info[at]haptx.com or support[at]reachin.se
07-13-2010, 12:03 PM
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