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You are being chased by something, you are not certain what it is, but as you make your escape something starts to seem very off about all of this, something is very wrong, something far worse than what is chasing you.

[Image: x9HbUNx.png]
Now available on the Steam Workshop!

Non-Steam version download available!
Put the FUGA folder in your modsfolder and start using modlauncher.exe

This is a short mod I have been working on. It was developed over approx 3-4 weeks so dont expect anything fancy, but it is definitely worth your time.

Expected playtime is 30 to 50 minutes.

The mod is fully voice acted.

Additional Screenshots:

[Image: 6tw3rSH.jpg]
[Image: Zq4HYOh.jpg]
Feedback is much appreciated. If you encounter any bugs please give me as much information as you can.
01-30-2016, 03:03 PM

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