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Problem with making a full conversion mod
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RE: Problem with making a full conversion mod

Spoiler below!
<Directory Path="/_temp" AddSubDirs="true" />
<Directory Path="/fonts" AddSubDirs="false" />
<Directory Path="/maps" AddSubDirs="true" />
<Directory Path="/textures" AddSubDirs="true" />
<Directory Path="/models" AddSubDirs="true" />
<Directory Path="/gui" AddSubDirs="true" />
<Directory Path="/static_objects" AddSubDirs="true" />
<Directory Path="/sounds" AddSubDirs="true" />
<Directory Path="/main_menu" AddSubDirs="true" />
<Directory Path="/shaders" AddSubDirs="true" />
<Directory Path="/lights" AddSubDirs="true" />
<Directory Path="/billboards" AddSubDirs="true" />
<Directory Path="/entities" AddSubDirs="true" />
<Directory Path="/graphics" AddSubDirs="true" />
<Directory Path="/viewer" AddSubDirs="true" />
<Directory Path="/particles" AddSubDirs="true" />
<Directory Path="/models" AddSubDirs="true" />
<Directory Path="/music" AddSubDirs="true" />
<Directory Path="/flashbacks" AddSubDirs="true" />
<Directory Path="/textures" AddSubDirs="true" />
<Directory Path="/misc" AddSubDirs="true" />
<Directory Path="/commentary" AddSubDirs="true" />

<Directory Path="The Black Eagle Castle Ch01/mod_config" AddSubDirs="true" />
<Directory Path="The Black Eagle Castle Ch01/mod_main_menu" AddSubDirs="true" />
<Directory Path="The Black Eagle Castle Ch01/mod_maps" AddSubDirs="true" />
<Directory Path="The Black Eagle Castle Ch01/mod_maps/ch01" AddSubDirs="true" />
<Directory Path="The Black Eagle Castle Ch01/mod_sounds" AddSubDirs="true" />
<Directory Path="The Black Eagle Castle Ch01/mod_entities" AddSubDirs="true" />
<Directory Path="The Black Eagle Castle Ch01/mod_lights" AddSubDirs="true" />
<Directory Path="The Black Eagle Castle Ch01/mod_static_objects" AddSubDirs="true" />
<Directory Path="The Black Eagle Castle Ch01/mod_graphics" AddSubDirs="true" />
<Directory Path="The Black Eagle Castle Ch01/mod_music" AddSubDirs="true" />
<Directory Path="The Black Eagle Castle Ch01/mod_graphics/loading_screens" AddSubDirs="true" />
<Directory Path="The Black Eagle Castle Ch01/mod_models" AddSubDirs="true" />
<Directory Path="The Black Eagle Castle Ch01/mod_models/hand_objects" AddSubDirs="true" />
<Directory Path="The Black Eagle Castle Ch01/mod_models/player" AddSubDirs="true" />
<Directory Path="The Black Eagle Castle Ch01/mod_graphics/mod_graphics" AddSubDirs="true" />
<Directory Path="The Black Eagle Castle Ch01/mod_graphics/mod_graphics/pre_menu" AddSubDirs="true" />
english.lang (It's a big jumble mess, I'm guessing you were looking for the premenu part):
Spoiler below!
<Directory Path="fonts/eng" />
<Directory Path="lang/eng" />
<CATEGORY Name="Inventory">
<Entry Name="ItemName_key">Key to Elevator Control Room</Entry>
<Entry Name="ItemDesc_key">This should unlock the Elevator Control Room.</Entry>
<Entry Name="ItemName_UnknownKey">Key</Entry>
<Entry Name="ItemDesc_UnknownKey">Not sure what this unlocks.</Entry>
<Entry Name="ItemName_Needle">Needle</Entry>
<Entry Name="ItemDesc_Needle">This should unlock the door with the simple lock.</Entry>
<Entry Name="ItemName_HallwaysKey">Key to Hallways</Entry>
<Entry Name="ItemDesc_HallwaysKey">This should unlock the door to the hallways.</Entry>
<Entry Name="ItemName_KeyToServantsRoom">Key to Servant's Room</Entry>
<Entry Name="ItemDesc_KeyToServantsRoom">This must unlock the area where the servants rested.</Entry>
<Entry Name="ItemName_LowerWineCellarKey">Key to Lower Wine Cellar</Entry>
<Entry Name="ItemDesc_LowerWineCellarKey">This should unlock the door to the lower wine cellar.</Entry>
<Entry Name="ItemName_WineCellarKey">Key to Wine Cellar</Entry>
<Entry Name="ItemDesc_WineCellarKey">This should unlock the door to the wine cellar.</Entry>
<Entry Name="ItemName_StorageKey">Rusty Key</Entry>
<Entry Name="ItemDesc_StorageKey">Maybe this will unlock a door somewhere in the storage area.</Entry>
<Entry Name="ItemName_OfficeKey">Office Key</Entry>
<Entry Name="ItemDesc_OfficeKey">Unlocks an office room somewhere around here...</Entry>
<Entry Name="ItemName_Key2">Key</Entry>
<Entry Name="ItemDesc_Key2">Must unlock the wooden door in the area I began in.</Entry>
<Entry Name="ItemName_StorageKey2">Storage Key</Entry>
<Entry Name="ItemDesc_StorageKey2">Must unlock that more rotten-looking door.</Entry>
<Entry Name="ItemName_FilledBucket">Water Filled Bucket</Entry>
<Entry Name="ItemDesc_FilledBucket">This can put out that fire down in the storage area so I can retrieve that key.</Entry>
<Entry Name="ItemName_KeyFromBody">Key</Entry>
<Entry Name="ItemDesc_KeyFromBody">This was the key that was laying beside the body.</Entry>
<Entry Name="ItemName_StorageKey3">Key</Entry>
<Entry Name="ItemDesc_StorageKey3">Well, there's only one more door that's locked down in the storage area. It's gotta be that one.</Entry>

<CATEGORY Name="Journal">

<Entry Name="Note_TunnelLetter_Name">To Whom Found The Secret Passage</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_TunnelLetter_Text">Fortunate you may think yourself as..[br]Finding the secret tunnel pass..[br]But there is a reason for the all this..[br]Something protected in the Abyss..[br]Seek it as you wish..[br]But something's watching in the Abyss..</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_TunnelLetter_Name">To Whom Found The Secret Passage</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_MachineLetter_Name">Just a reminder:</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_MachineLetter_Text">[voice MachineLetter.ogg][br]The gears for the pressure machine is 8 up and 8 down.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_TunnelLetter2_Text">[voice TunnelLetter2.ogg][br]Local Newspaper:[br][br]For many, many years, this castle has held parties, prisoners, servants.. Since the beginning of the 13th century. However, after the sudden deaths of the castle's baron, "Gerald Freeman", and his wife, "Susan Freeman" and the rumors that came along with it.. The castle may never be a home again.. And no one can enter any more as well, because the local police guard it. The local police still haven't found the murderers, but some believe it wasn't a person, but an animal of some sort.. After all, the slash marks on the victims look as if a bear had mauled them. But how does a bear enter a well secured castle? Or even a person? One can only wonder.. However, our hearts should go to the grieving families of the victims.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_LetterToServants_Name">Letter To Servants</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_LetterToServants_Text">[voice LetterToServants.ogg][br]To keep the secrecy of our findings, I have left the keys to the storage areas down here in the unused guest bedroom.[br][br]-David Edmund</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_DavidEdmundDiary1_Name">24th of November, 1809.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_DavidEdmundDiary1_Text">[voice DavidEdmundDiary1.ogg][br]Things here in this castle have gone to a dark, strange turn.. Recently the servants have been complaining, saying that they've seen strange things in the corner of their eyes, describing some of them as imps or old hags or a more demonic creature with horns.. The baron of the castle just shrugs it off as their imagination. After all, the only servants complaining about it usually are the ones working in the lower areas of the castle. But having working down here with the servants, I can't help to think that I've been experiencing the same thing.. This isn't just an imagination.. How can multiple people have the same exact thoughts?[br][br]-David Edmund</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_GodricAlfredNote1_Name">24th of August, 1756.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_GodricAlfredNote1_Text">[voice GodricAlfredNote1.ogg][br]Today the servants will start working on structures for the cave area under the lower level hub. Lately there has been a lot of worry about the water in the cave ruining our plan for a much larger wine cellar. I believe with a lot of dedication and hard work, we can make this happen. First we're going to have to create a longer hallway by making a staircase descending into the wine cellar with another big door. I plan on having the door be the same design as the other doors leading to the storage areas down here. We're going to have to work hard on making sure there’s no leakage of water in this wine cellar.[br][br]-Godric Alfred</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_RobertEdwardsDiary1_Name">16th of May 1807</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_RobertEdwardsDiary1_Text">[voice RobertEdwardsDiary1.ogg][br]Lately I've been having nightmares that I can't seem to shake. Each night it's the same damn dream. The dream starts with me being in the lower area of the castle in the storage. Sitting against one of the large wine barrels when I hear someone walking down the stairs in front of me to my right. For some reason in the dream I think that a horrible being from another dimension has come to get me. I know it sounds crazy, but I feel like it's looking for me. The dream always ends when I hear the being at the lower steps right before I can see it and then I wake up. I really wish these creepy dreams would end and I really don't want to find out what that creature looks like. If these reoccurring nightmares don't stop, I'm actually thinking about seeing a psychiatrist.[br][br]-Robert Edwards</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_HerbertGilesDiary1_Name">6th of June 1906</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_HerbertGilesDiary1_Text">Ever since I moved from America to come work here at this what I thought to be a magnificent castle to live in, things have got strange. People are seeing things, strange and odd things in the corner of their eyes. And that would include me.. I keep seeing little dark figures in the corner of rooms and when I look straight at where it was it disappears. Maybe I'm just imagining all of this but the servants I'm working with have been complaining about similar things. Is this place haunted? Or are we hallucinating? I keep having this eerie feeling like something is watching us and I don't like it.[br][br]-Herbert Giles</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_SamuelRoyDiary1_Name">This place is cursed..</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_SamuelRoyDiary1_Text">Ever since I started working here, I've seen things and heard things that are terrifying. This storage area is so dark and you can just sense an evil presence. I feel like these lower areas of the castle are a doorway to hell or something. Being down here all by myself makes me want to grab my things and get out immediately. But I have to work down here.. For hours.. And I feel like the longer I work down in this area the more vulnerable I become to this evil presence..[br][br]-Samuel Roy</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_NicholasGlover_Name">1578, April 14th</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_NicholasGlover_Text">Today me and my fellow colleague Scot Norton took a journey into the dungeons of the castle where prisoners are kept. Recently there has been strange deaths in many of the prisoners and we're not sure if it's suicide or something else. It honestly looks as if an animal had attacked these prisoners. We've had to bury many prisoners in the tomb area today and it worries me. I feel like there's something more than just a suicide or an animal.. This place is cursed with something more evil than we can imagine..[br][br]-Nicholas Glover</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_OliverTheodoreDiary1_Name">29th of October 1909</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_OliverTheodoreDiary1_Text">Yesterday me and a group of men explored the dungeon areas of the castle where prisoners are kept. There's many stories about this area being cursed or haunted and I can see why.. A French man by the name of Jacques Éduoards in our group kept on complaining about hearing voices in the dark dungeons. Most of us assumed it must've been his imagination but we all were creeped out nonetheless. After the exploration the same man who complained about voices in his head felt paranoid, like somebody was watching him. He's fine now, but he says he's never going down there again.[br][br]-Oliver Theodore</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_NoteAboutPrisoners_Name">Complications with a prisoner.. 1836, August 10th.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_NoteAboutPrisoners_Text">Today was hectic. One of the prisoners got loose from their cell and roamed around the large dungeons looking for an exit. We went DOWN further into the dungeons looking for him and some of us looked UP in the office area. We weren't exactly sure where he might have gone at that time, but the dungeons are a maze that requires us workers to have a map in pocket at all times. Once I got DOWN in the execution area looking for him, I noticed a prisoner guard was struck DOWN. I instantly helped him to his feet, he had a knife wound in his shoulder. I got a bottle of vodka from a beverage storage crate and I poured it on the wound and wrapped it UP with some cloth. I helped him get to the ward area of the prison to get him all healed UP. After that I grabbed a knife and scurried down the steps of the prison, further DOWN into the dark, torch lit corridors. Catching UP with my fellow men, we caught the prisoner and immediately executed the bastard. After that we retraced our steps BACKWARDS ascending back to the higher level of the dungeons to drink and celebrate our victory at finding the prisoner scum. Next time this happens, we might not be as lucky. I believe this place needs more security if we really don't want these pathetic beings to get loose and escape. These lesser humans deserve nothing more than punishment and death for their sins.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_1_Name"></Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_1_Text">[voice 1.ogg][br]How did you find this map? Who are you? What are you trying to do? Your game is infected with a virus I believe.. A virus of death. A virus that no normal human being can create. I warn you. This map you're playing is not safe. This is not normal what you're seeing. You have a choice the press the escape button and click exit.. Or you can continue to explore this.. Evil place.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_PlanLetter_Name">16th of July 1756</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_PlanLetter_Text">Today we will plan out how we will create a larger wine cellar for the lower level hub area. Much complaint has gone on about the cave area being cursed down there (where we're going to build the bigger wine cellar). People have been saying that the water is alive or something invisible lives in the water. All of these claims are completely false. The only REAL thing we should worry about is getting the water out and making the wine cellar and also getting the wine cellar free of leakage when it's done. This build is going to have to take a lot of brain power, but also a lot of physical labour.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_ServantChange_Name">Hideous Servant Incident..</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_ServantChange_Text">Tonight, while getting ready for bed, I found a servant in my closet, suffering from what seemed to be a stroke and his eyes were wide open. But as I looked closer he had leathery-like skin, and he was twitching.. Suddenly, he jerked up and I ran as fast as I could out of there. Now I'm writing this note in here, in hopes to feel better and maybe that moving body will go away. It's like an evil spirit is using his body as a puppet.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_MonitoringOnDogs_Name">November 29th, 1892</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_MonitoringOnDogs_Text">Lately, I've been seeing strange behaviour in our canine friends. They have become a lot more aggressive and they seem disturbed. They bark into the dark corners of the kennel like an evil presence is standing there. I've heard a story once that dogs can sense or even see ghosts and spirits. Kind of a creepy thought to be put out in this situation, but I'm the one to believe in the supernatural. I just hope the dogs calm down after awhile.[br][br]Christopher H. Matthews.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_LeavingPoorFish_Name">I'm glad I'm leaving this place..</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_LeavingPoorFish_Text">You know, I've always liked spending my lazy afternoons sitting in this very room.. Watching the fish in the water, and bathing in the sun's warm light. But this castle is evil. I can sense it every day.. This room was like an escape from the castle's evil. It's like a good angel has guarded this room for the better good. But when I leave this place I can escape this evil presence for good. As far as the fish and other animals we hold at this castle, we'll have to wait for the animal people to come and take those after we've left. I just hope the evil presence doesn't take.. a sort of control over the animals, like it did to a lot of the people here.. I guess that could include the fish..</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_LetterFromBody_Name">My final words..</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_LetterFromBody_Text">Well, I guess this is it.. One of those crazy canines has attacked me and I'm now sitting here, bleeding an awful amount. That crazed dog tour all my clothes off and took many chunks of flesh off me and I'm in some terrible pain.. A virus has infected many people and animals at this castle, turning them into vicious zombies. It seems the infected aren't actually the living dead, but instead have the virus taken complete control over their mind. With the amount of my blood loss, I won't be able to make it. So I won't end up looking like a crazy zombie. Instead I'll just die, rather than becoming one of them, I hope.. I should have just left immediately when I had the chance.. I'm in so much horrible pain right now, it's over.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_TheBlackEagleVirus_Name">Black Eagle Virus Research</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_TheBlackEagleVirus_Text">The "Black Eagle Virus" is named after the Black Eagle Castle. The first recorded person who caught it was a prisoner at the castle in 1910, July 20th. He first started hearing voices in his head, and then he started having symptoms of increased aggression, animalistic behaviour, widened pupils and even longer teeth. He looked like a vampire.. But another symptom that comes on later is leathery or sometimes rotting skin. It affects each host differently. Another fact about this virus is that it can affect animals just as much as humans. It is known to make dogs go berserk and they will end up wanting to eat everything that is living, including humans. The dogs most likely contracted the virus from eating parts of prisoners, as that's a cheap alternative to feeding the dogs after a prisoner has been executed. Eventually, everyone who has the virus will have to stay and everyone else will abandon the castle. Servants would stay in the hospital wings while prisoners would rot in their cells, hopefully not finding a way out.. We don't want this virus finding a way out into all of Europe.. It needs to stay in this castle and this is the only plan that would probably work. Scientists in the lab wing think they found a cure. But the resources required are hard to acquire and they only have one potion that can cure an infected patient at the moment. They say they have enough resources for one more cure collected in the lab wing. After that, we all may have no choice but to abandon this castle for good. And I wish all the luck to the people who have to stay because they have the virus. They may have to be locked up like prisoners as well, because of the aggressive animal-like behaviour. We really, really don't want any crazed infected people roaming out into London with a terribly contagious virus. It would be the Black Plague all over again.[br][br]Sincerely,[br] Dr. Clark Richardson.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_LetterToSon_Name">Letter To My Son</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_LetterToSon_Text">I'm going to visit the baron of "The Black Eagle Castle" today. You be good while ma baby sits you. When I come home, I'll tell you what I've learned about the castle. I know you love it when I tell you bed time stories, and I wish I could every night, but this is a busy job and I will be able to see you on the weekend if the job isn't too busy at the time. Be good for ma, she loves you just as much as I do. If you're good while I'm gone at work, when I come home, we may go on vacation together.[br][br]Love,[br] Dad</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note__Name"></Entry>
<Entry Name="Note__Text"></Entry>
<Entry Name="Note__Name"></Entry>
<Entry Name="Note__Text"></Entry>

<Entry Name="Quest_TunnelQuest_Text">Unbelievable! I found an underground passage! Could it lead to the castle??</Entry>
<Entry Name="Quest_BrokenStair_Text">I should probably stack some crates if I want to get up that broken staircase.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Quest_MechanicalDoorQuest_Text">I should probably look for a way to unlock the door.[br]Then I can leave this terrible place.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Quest_Elevator_Text">Looks like they disabled the elevator before they left this place. There's got to be a way to turn it back on..</Entry>
<Entry Name="Quest_StuckDoor_Text">The door seems to be only stuck.. Maybe I can pry open with something.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Quest_LockedDoor_Text">The door won't open. Maybe there's a key somewhere..</Entry>
<Entry Name="Quest_NeedleQuest_Text">The door is locked with a simple lock. There's got to be something in this area that can unlock it.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Quest_SecretBooksQuest_Text">Sounds like a mechanism is holding that door shut. Maybe there's a way to unlock it somewhere around here..</Entry>
<Entry Name="Quest_KeyInFireQuest_Text">I see a key in the fireplace.. There's gotta be a way to retrieve it. It might unlock the Elevator Control Room.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Quest_LockedOfficeDoorQuest_Text">Hmm.. The office room is locked. Maybe the person who worked in there had a key in his bedroom..? These are living quarters after all.</Entry>

<CATEGORY Name="screentext">
<Entry Name="Arrow1">An arrow? For what? To where?</Entry>
<Entry Name="Arrow2">What's the point of these arrows..?</Entry>
<Entry Name="Arrow3">I hope this doesn't lead me to anything bad..</Entry>
<Entry Name="Knight">You think it's gonna move, but it never does. I hope..</Entry>
<Entry Name="BrokenWall1">It looks like these walls are just crumbling to pieces..</Entry>
<Entry Name="Window1">It still must be around 11am by the look of the sun's light.</Entry>
<Entry Name="BedroomSign">Looks like this is where a sign was to show whose bedroom it was.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Clock1">It's 8am.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Bed1">Wouldn't want to wake my wife up.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Rock1">Looks like this candle was lit not long ago..</Entry>
<Entry Name="ChestArmour">A rusty chest armour piece.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Outside1">No way I'm turning back. The day's just started.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Rug1">Such a nice looking rug in such a rough looking place.</Entry>
<Entry Name="FloorTorch1">These torches lighting up the eagles make them look all the more ominous.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Eagle1">A statue of an eagle. This is the Black Eagle Castle after all.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Torch1">How long have these torches been lit?</Entry>
<Entry Name="BrokenWall2">A boarded up broken wall.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Shield1">Looks like an old shield for decoration.</Entry>
<Entry Name="BurntOutTorch">A long burnt out torch.</Entry>
<Entry Name="RiseAndShine">Rise and shine..</Entry>
<Entry Name="FirePlace1">Wouldn't wont to light a fire right before I leave.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Painting1">A picture of what seems to be of Mary in a Tomb.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Painting2">A well depiction ancient Rome.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Painting3">A painting of people being arrested.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Painting4">A painting of.. Greece.. Maybe? Anyway, it's still a nice decoration for my house.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Couch1">No time for sitting down and reading the morning paper.</Entry>
<Entry Name="NewsPaperBin">No time for reading newspapers.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Plant1">Ol' Leonard's always giving out free plants at the local shop.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Plant2">Grew perfectly under the sun's light.</Entry>
<Entry Name="OldSign">This must've been where a sign was.</Entry>
<Entry Name="DoorOnFloor">Looks like this door was knocked clean off it's hinges.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Elevator">It's disabled.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Elevator2">Won't work.. Oh my god..</Entry>
<Entry Name="Blood">Blood..?</Entry>
<Entry Name="Pa">A photograph of father when he was younger.</Entry>
<Entry Name="interact36"></Entry>
<Entry Name="interact37"></Entry>
<Entry Name="interact38"></Entry>
<Entry Name="interact39"></Entry>
<Entry Name="interact40"></Entry>
<Entry Name="interact41"></Entry>
<Entry Name="interact42"></Entry>
<Entry Name="interact43"></Entry>
<Entry Name="interact44"></Entry>
<Entry Name="interact45"></Entry>
<Entry Name="interact46"></Entry>
<Entry Name="interact47"></Entry>
<Entry Name="interact48"></Entry>
<Entry Name="interact49"></Entry>
<Entry Name="interact50"></Entry>
<Entry Name="interact51"></Entry>
<Entry Name="interact52"></Entry>
<Entry Name="interact53"></Entry>
<Entry Name="interact54"></Entry>
<Entry Name="interact55"></Entry>
<Entry Name="interact56"></Entry>
<Entry Name="interact57"></Entry>
<Entry Name="interact58"></Entry>
<Entry Name="interact59"></Entry>
<Entry Name="interact60"></Entry>

<Entry Name="Norman1">This looks like a long forgotten part of the castle..</Entry>
<Entry Name="Norman2">I've found it! I've found a secret entrance!</Entry>
<Entry Name="Norman3">Too dark down there; need my lantern first.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Norman4">Should I really leave without finding any evidence of my father's death..?</Entry>
<Entry Name="Norman5">Finally, I managed to get up here..</Entry>
<Entry Name="Norman6">The crate seems to be empty and is easy to pick up.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Norman7">Looks like this place hasn't been left but only days ago..</Entry>
<Entry Name="Norman8">I guess some people stayed until the last minute..</Entry>
<Entry Name="Norman9">I wonder why the long dead creators of this castle favour black eagles so much..</Entry>
<Entry Name="Norman10">I also wonder if that elevator works..</Entry>
<Entry Name="Norman11">Not only has the elevator been disabled.. But it's been dismantled..</Entry>
<Entry Name="Norman12">Now I gotta run back..</Entry>
<Entry Name="Norman13">What the hell was that?..</Entry>
<Entry Name="Norman14">I guess this place isn't completely abandoned..</Entry>
<Entry Name="Norman15">The fish and other animals have yet to be picked up..</Entry>
<Entry Name="Norman16">And what did the note mean by an evil presence taking over the animals and fish..?</Entry>
<Entry Name="Norman17">What the!?</Entry>
<Entry Name="Norman18">Something is surely off about this place.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Norman19">And it only makes my interest for this castle increase.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Norman20">Is that a.. key in the fire..?</Entry>
<Entry Name="Norman21">Is he.. dead..?</Entry>
<Entry Name="Norman22">Yeah, there's no doubt about it..</Entry>
<Entry Name="Norman23">Sounds like something opened..</Entry>
<Entry Name="Norman24">Woah.. I think I found something..</Entry>
<Entry Name="Norman25">Where could it possibly lead..?</Entry>
<Entry Name="Norman26">Maybe there's something of use down there..</Entry>
<Entry Name="Norman27">That's the note my father sent to me when I was ten.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Norman28">He was just hired to work at the castle..</Entry>
<Entry Name="Norman29">I miss him.. He was a sincere father.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Norman30">How dare the local newspaper declare him dead, with no evidence!</Entry>
<Entry Name="Norman31"></Entry>
<Entry Name="Norman32"></Entry>
<Entry Name="Norman33"></Entry>
<Entry Name="Norman34"></Entry>
<Entry Name="Norman35"></Entry>
<Entry Name="Norman36"></Entry>
<Entry Name="Norman37"></Entry>
<Entry Name="Norman38"></Entry>
<Entry Name="Norman39"></Entry>
<Entry Name="Norman40"></Entry>
<Entry Name="Norman41"></Entry>
<Entry Name="Norman42"></Entry>
<Entry Name="Norman43"></Entry>
<Entry Name="Norman44"></Entry>
<Entry Name="Norman45"></Entry>
<Entry Name="Norman46"></Entry>
<Entry Name="Norman47"></Entry>
<Entry Name="Norman48"></Entry>
<Entry Name="Norman49"></Entry>
<Entry Name="Norman50"></Entry>
<Entry Name="Norman51"></Entry>
<Entry Name="Norman52"></Entry>
<Entry Name="Norman53"></Entry>
<Entry Name="Norman54"></Entry>
<Entry Name="Norman55"></Entry>
<Entry Name="Norman56"></Entry>
<Entry Name="Norman57"></Entry>
<Entry Name="Norman58"></Entry>
<Entry Name="Norman59"></Entry>
<Entry Name="Norman60"></Entry>

///////Swing Doors//////
<Entry Name="Locked">Locked.</Entry>
<Entry Name="WontBudge">Won't Budge.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Stuck">Stuck.</Entry>
<Entry Name="BlockedBehind">Something is blocking the door from behind.</Entry>
<Entry Name="PushedBehind">Feels like something is pushing from behind..</Entry>
<Entry Name="OpenedNow">It's open now..</Entry>
<Entry Name="Locked2">It's locked.</Entry>
<Entry Name="ServantsDoor">The servant's room door is locked.</Entry>
<Entry Name="BoardedDoor">It's boarded up.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Locked3">It's stuck.</Entry>

<CATEGORY Name="Loadscreen">
<Entry Name="loadscreen1">The rocky area near the castle has a hidden tunnel area. One that leads into the castle. The one that you've just found.</Entry>
<Entry Name="loadscreen2">The tunnel's secret passage was made for the servants so that they could enter the castle to important destinations in a more fast and convenient way.</Entry>
<Entry Name="loadscreen3">The castle's secret passages were first invented so that the servants could get from one job, to the other, a lot more fast.</Entry>
<Entry Name="loadscreen4">The machine room had many pipes that slithered along the walls like a snake.. While the machine itself needed to be feed more coal by the servants.</Entry>
<Entry Name="loadscreen5">The elevator leads to a lower level of the castle. Leading to a vast number of storage areas, wine cellars and much more.</Entry>
<Entry Name="loadscreen6">The lower levels of the castle are known to be haunted or cursed.</Entry>
<Entry Name="loadscreen7">What was that thing?...</Entry>
<Entry Name="loadscreen8"></Entry>
<Entry Name="loadscreen9"></Entry>
<Entry Name="loadscreen10"></Entry>
<Entry Name="loadscreen11"></Entry>
<Entry Name="loadscreen12"></Entry>
<Entry Name="loadscreen13"></Entry>
<Entry Name="loadscreen14"></Entry>
<Entry Name="loadscreen15"></Entry>
<Entry Name="loadscreen16"></Entry>
<CATEGORY Name="Levels">
<Entry Name="OldLivingQuarters">"Old Living Quarters"</Entry>
<Entry Name="Exit">"Exit"</Entry>
<Entry Name="ElevatorControlRoom">"Elevator Control Room"</Entry>
<Entry Name="ElevatorHub">"Elevator Hub"</Entry>
<Entry Name="Storage">"Storage"</Entry>
<Entry Name="LowerLevelHub">"Lower Level Hub"</Entry>
<Entry Name="Tunnels">"Tunnels"</Entry>
<Entry Name="Hallways">"Hallways"</Entry>
<Entry Name="WineCellar">"Wine Cellar"</Entry>
<Entry Name="LowerWineCellar">"Lower Wine Cellar"</Entry>
<Entry Name="LivingQuarters">"Living Quarters"</Entry>
<Entry Name="_13">_13</Entry>
<CATEGORY Name="Signs">
<Entry Name="Exit">Exit</Entry>

<CATEGORY Name="Credits">
<Entry Name="Ending">End of Chapter I...[br][br][br][br]Creator: Frictional Daily[br][br]Map Design: Frictional Daily and Mr. Badcatz[br][br]Scripting: Frictional Daily and Mr. Badcatz[br][br]Story: Frictional Daily[br][br]Voice Acting: Frictional Daily[br][br]Debugging: Martin[br][br]Music Is From: Kevin MacLeod from Incompetech.com and "Myuuji" from YouTube.[br][br][br][br][br]Thank you so much for playing my second custom story![br][br][br]Tell me on the Frictional Games forums thread where I posted the download of this custom story or on Mod DB on what I can improve on with modding.[br][br][br][br]And don't forget, this is only chapter 1. There's another chapter after this![br][br][br][br]Thank you for playing my second custom story![br][br][br][br]I hope to see you in chapter 2..</Entry>
<CATEGORY Name="Messages">
<Entry Name="Locked1">It's locked.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Locked2">Locked.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Locked3">It won't budge.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Locked4">It's stuck.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Locked5">I'd better get my lantern before I go searching.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Locked6">Won't budge..</Entry>
<Entry Name="Locked7">Maybe I really should just leave this horrid place..</Entry>
<Entry Name="Locked8">Stuck.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Locked9">Locked tight.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Locked10">Locked with a simple lock.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Locked11">Locked with a rusty keyhole.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Locked12">Locked with a padlock.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Locked13">Someone's behind there..</Entry>
<Entry Name="Locked14">I hear a clinging sound..</Entry>
<Entry Name="Locked15">No reason for turning back right now..</Entry>
<Entry Name="Locked16">Locked, but it's obviously beaten up.</Entry>

<CATEGORY Name="DeathHint">
<Entry Name="DeathHint1">Stay out of the water...</Entry>
<Entry Name="DeathHint2">Try to stay out of the water...</Entry>
<Entry Name="DeathHint3">Try to hide, not run. The canine creatures are a lot more faster and stronger than you...</Entry>
<Entry Name="DeathHint4"></Entry>

<CATEGORY Name="Dialogue">
<Entry Name="Norman1">Norman: Well! I guess it's time to get ready to go!</Entry>

<CATEGORY Name="PreMenu">
<Entry Name="WelcomeMessage01">Welcome 1</Entry>
<Entry Name="WelcomeMessage02">Welcome 2</Entry>
<Entry Name="WelcomeMessage03">Welcome 3</Entry>
<Entry Name="WelcomeMessage04">Welcome 4</Entry>
<Entry Name="WelcomeMessage05">Welcome 5</Entry>
<Entry Name="WelcomeMessage06">Welcome 6</Entry>


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RE: Problem with making a full conversion mod

Try making your resources like this instead:
PHP Code: (Select All)
Directory Path="/The Black Eagle Castle Ch01" AddSubDirs="true" />
Directory Path="/_temp" AddSubDirs="true" />
Directory Path="/fonts" AddSubDirs="false" />
Directory Path="/maps" AddSubDirs="true" />
Directory Path="/textures" AddSubDirs="true" />
Directory Path="/models" AddSubDirs="true" />
Directory Path="/gui" AddSubDirs="true" />
Directory Path="/static_objects" AddSubDirs="true" />
Directory Path="/sounds" AddSubDirs="true" />
Directory Path="/main_menu" AddSubDirs="true" />
Directory Path="/shaders" AddSubDirs="true" />
Directory Path="/lights" AddSubDirs="true" />
Directory Path="/billboards" AddSubDirs="true" />
Directory Path="/entities" AddSubDirs="true" />
Directory Path="/graphics" AddSubDirs="true" />
Directory Path="/viewer" AddSubDirs="true" />
Directory Path="/particles" AddSubDirs="true" />
Directory Path="/models" AddSubDirs="true" />
Directory Path="/music" AddSubDirs="true" />
Directory Path="/flashbacks" AddSubDirs="true" />
Directory Path="/textures" AddSubDirs="true" />    
Directory Path="/misc" AddSubDirs="true" />
Directory Path="/commentary" AddSubDirs="true" />

PS: You were missing the beginning / in your directory name. Also, why do you have those at the bottom? They are just duplicates when AddSubDirs is set to true. That flag will include any sub-directories. If there's an issue with this, I recommend trying to make your mod folder name without spaces. If you do, don't forget to edit your configs too.

Also, in your lang file, this line might be causing problems:

// can be used for comments in the file, but \\ can not. It would be fine it it started with //, but that is not the case here. The \ might cause the file to fail parsing and thus not work.

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RE: Problem with making a full conversion mod

Spoiler below!

03-05-2016, 02:56 AM
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RE: Problem with making a full conversion mod

There's still an error in your resources. You didn't edit it like I suggested.

Wait, wait, wait. Your main_init says your resources.cfg is inside the mod_config folder, but it's not. It's in the main mod folder. You gotta move it.

You can refer to my template if you wish.

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RE: Problem with making a full conversion mod

(/-.-\).. That was the problem... I miss the most stupid, obvious things sometimes. After all that help, I probably should give you some sorta credit in my mod credits. Thanks! Smile

03-05-2016, 08:37 PM
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RE: Problem with making a full conversion mod

The most obvious is usually the hardest ones to find, because you don't expect it to be that simple. You might have heard "hiding in plain sight" is the most effective.

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