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My Let's Play Amnesia
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My Let's Play Amnesia

I've been making this Let's play of Amnesia and it's my second Playthrough. Is more like a review of the game but in a big scale, I talk about the enemy encounters, things in general of the game, and in the end I will score the game and explain why I scored it like that.
It's still not finished, but almost there.
My voice isn't recorded live (while I play), it was recorded after, like comenting on it.
Here is the playlist of all the videos I have at the moment:
-Playlist of Let's Play

And if you want to watch directly from part 1 of segment 1, here you are:
-Part 1

I hope you like it!

Warning, I talk about future things that will happen in the game, so, obviously it will contain spoilers!

I hope you enjoy!
(please mind my English lol, but, it's surprising, but with the time It's much more easier for me to express myself speaking, you will notice it along the Playthrough Tongue)

09-13-2010, 02:31 PM

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