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German Subtitle Fix
thiz Offline
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German Subtitle Fix

I looked through the german version of the game, and i "worked" on a little fix for the typos i have found so far, still looking for more. If you played the german version and have suggestions for more changes, then just feel free to post them and i'll fix and upload it asap.

Just extract the file german.lang for the Retail Version to: c:\program files\amnesia the dark descent\redist\config\lang_main

And for the Steam Version to: c:\program files\steam\steamapps\common\amnesia the dark descent\config\lang_main

Changelog for GermanSubtitleFix Version
Spoiler below!

- Changed Itemname Cuprit to Kupferoxyd, because its more common.
- Changed Itemname "Glas Blut" to "Glas mit Blut"
- Changed Entry "CH01L00_DanielsMind02_01" - "Ich lebe in London... .... Mayfair..." to "Ich lebe in London bei... bei... Mayfair..."
- Changed Entry "CH02L15_PrisonerCaptured_02" - "Ich meine, es kann nicht sein" to "Ich meine, das kann nicht wahr sein
- Added Comma in Entry "CH02L18_cisternVisit_02" after the word "Außerdem"
- Changed Entry "CH02L19_MorgueVisit_04" - "Ist er?" to "Wirklich?"
- Added Character in "CH02L19_FalseDeadPlague_05" after the word "He!" to "Hey!".
- Changed Entry "CH01L03_SecretBooks_01" - "Hast du das verstanden?" to "Hörst du das?"

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.rar   germansubtitlefix.rar (Size: 46.16 KB / Downloads: 57)
09-14-2010, 05:08 PM
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RE: German Subtitle Fix

Thanks, applied the fixes here! I'll look for more typos when I finish Amnesia. Smile
09-16-2010, 03:18 PM

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