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Script Help Script not working and keys and notes appear as blank
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Script not working and keys and notes appear as blank

For no reason whatsoever, my custom story's 3rd map completely fails to function, it does not play custom music, only identifies one key and spawns a monster from a script. the other key in a library area says Picked up when its taken into inventory!
The script of the map:

void OnStart()
SetEntityPlayerInteractCallback("librarykey", "ActivateMonster", true);
AddUseItemCallback("", "librarykey", "eastwing1", "UseKeyOnDoor", true);
AddEntityCollideCallback("Player", "Doorscript", "Doorclose", true, 1);

void UseKeyOnDoor(string &in asItem, string &in asEntity)
SetSwingDoorLocked(asEntity, false, true);
PlaySoundAtEntity("", "unlock_door.snt", asEntity, 0, false);

void ActivateMonster(string &in item)
SetEntityActive("grunt2", true);
AddEnemyPatrolNode("grunt2", "Path1", 0, "Idle");
AddEnemyPatrolNode("grunt2", "Path2", 0, "Idle");
AddEnemyPatrolNode("grunt2", "Path3", 0, "Idle");
AddEnemyPatrolNode("grunt2", "Path4", 0, "Idle");
AddEnemyPatrolNode("grunt2", "Path5", 0, "Idle");
AddEnemyPatrolNode("grunt2", "Path6", 0, "Idle");
AddEnemyPatrolNode("grunt2", "Path7", 0, "Idle");
AddEnemyPatrolNode("grunt2", "Path8", 0, "Idle");

void Doorclose(string &in asParent, string &in asChild, int alState)
AddPropForce("Maintenance", 2000, 0, 0, "world");

void OnEnter()
PlayMusic("Leveleast1.ogg", true, 1, 2, 1, true);

void OnLeave()


the extra_english file:

<CATEGORY Name="CustomStoryMain">
<Entry Name="Description">Prepare yourself for one of the scariest of Amnesia Custom stories yet![br][br]The Manor's Secret tells the dark and mysterious story of the manor, that burned down under mysterious circumstances in 1895[br][br]When you're ready just click the Start Game Button and enjoy the experience!</Entry>

<CATEGORY Name="Inventory">
<Entry Name="ItemName_Doorkey1">The Door Key</Entry>
<Entry Name="ItemDesc_Doorkey1">This key unlocks the door of my bedroom.</Entry>
<Entry Name="ItemName_east">East Wing Key</Entry>
<Entry Name="ItemDesc_east">Opens the door to the East Wing, located on the other side of the staircase.</Entry>
<Entry Name="ItemName_librarykey">Library Key</Entry>
<Entry Name="ItemDesc_librarykey">The Key to the library.</Entry>
<Entry Name="ItemName_cellarae">Cellar Key</Entry>
<Entry Name="ItemDesc_cellarae">This Key opens the door to the Cellar.</Entry>
<CATEGORY Name="Journal">
<Entry Name="Note_wahren_Name">The Manor Log: Strange sounds.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_wahren_Text">Recently We have started hearing strange sounds in the Basement.[br] I've sent my servants down there to investigate,[br] but nothing out of the ordinary has been found.[br] The sounds become more and more terrifying day by day...[br]Mr.Wahren</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_Caroline_Name">20th of September, 1895</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_Caroline_Text">...My second year Working as a servant for Mr. Wahren has been relaxing as a change from the hassle of the city[br] I find Mr. Wahren a very nice man for letting me have this luxurious personal space[br] Though these last few weeks have been strange, The noises from the basment we investigated a few days ago have become worse, and that's not all...[br] We have also started to hear footsteps all around the bedroom corridors, which led to us all locking the doors of our personal quarters for the night.[br] we saw footsteps coming from the east wing, which led us to lock it so who, or whatever is in there to lurk on us...</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_Mark_Name">The Basement Key</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_Mark_Text">We've hidden the Key to the basement into the East Wing[br]It's wiser to keep the door locked[br]than to let whatever's in there to creep up to us at night and... [br]wait, what are those footsteps, I hear?</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_easter1_Name">Congratulations!</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_easter1_Text">[voice easter1.ogg][br] You've Found Easter Egg note Number 1![br]Find all of the notes and find the hidden treasure![br]Hint: The second note kisses the moonlight.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_EasterEgg2_Name">Well well...</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_EasterEgg2_Text">[voice easter2.ogg][br] You've found the second Easter egg note![br] Now, The third and final note, along with the treasure, is within the darkness, you will descend to...</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_EasterEgg3_Name">Hooray!</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_EasterEgg3_Text">[voice easter3.ogg][br] Well well well, you have found the treasure, here is also a shrine to the legends who inspired me to do this...</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_Caution_1_Name">Caution!</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_Caution_1_Text">The key to the cellar has been hidden into the library, and the library has been locked due to unsettling events being witnessed there. [br]The key is encased in a glass display for everyone's safety, TAKE THE KEY AT YOUR OWN RISK!</Entry>
<CATEGORY Name="Messages">
<Entry Name="Message">This isn't the large oil canister I usually have in here... Where is it?</Entry>
<Entry Name="Message_2">There it is, I knew I shouldn't have let my nephews come and play in my bedroom.</Entry>

30.7.2016 and NO ONE has contibuted to this problem? over 300 have seen this, and yet no help...
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