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The scary ideas thread.
Mina Darsh Offline

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The scary ideas thread.

Just an idea to see if this might be handy for all those who need inspiration for scary things to implent in their own made stories. Tongue

So, simply said, a topic where people can post ideas for scary things to implent in a level, perhaps Frictional might like this to read too, I do hope so. Smile

Well, some of my ideas.

-Something is closer to you than you think.
Triggering sounds very close to the player to give him/her the feeling that something is sneaking very close behind the player, best applied in a corridor or open space with lots of dark places for dark beings to pop-up.

-Better close this door no-... Aah!
A tricky one maybe, but, when entering a room where the door opens towards the room entered, spawn an enemy right behind the door when player either is about to get past the opened door or when trying to close it while inside the room, this will probably manage to take 5 years of the player's life. Smile (Might be tricky, don't know the limits of the engine and scripts.)

-Oooh, wardrobe, there's probably some tinder in the-...
Dunno if a monster fits in it, but spawn an enemy inside a closet when player tries to open it. Even though this might be a good scare due to being totally unexpected, reason for monster to be in a closet might make this idea less of a good idea.

Well, got some down, hope others will come up with scary or even nasty scare ideas too. Smile
09-17-2010, 12:04 AM
Deu sex Offline

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RE: The scary ideas thread.

Youre ideas are very good, especially the one with the wardobe ^^
this type of "surprise" wardobe needs a lockdown, pick it up, thinking of good stuff... and...


lol ^^

I think it can be interesting, but it needs other wardobes locked down with good stuff inside, If it is randomized (about good stuff or monsters), it will be genious ^^

most of all, adding an "script" who can disabled the esc/altf4/tab returns, only during monsters apparitions, could be... very very very nice !!!

and never give to player the "quicksave" opportunity ^^
09-17-2010, 12:33 AM

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RE: The scary ideas thread.

The best way (imo) to generate fear in survivalhorror games is to keep the player totally offguard.
never knowing wut awaits you around the next corner is the best method (again imo) to generate a fear of the unknown that cant be beaten.
This can be done by implenting some kind of random-generator for level-layouts , enemy-design and enemy encounters where everytime you start-up a new game it looks familiar , but plays different ... , kindalike a parallel-gameworld of the one you visited before.
With todays powerfull pc, ps3, and xbox360 technology this can be made possible , i think.

09-17-2010, 03:45 PM
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