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the Infection and the artifacts (massive Spoilers)
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the Infection and the artifacts (massive Spoilers)

Second thread today, just finished Black Plague and I wonder:
How did you get infected? Was it by these artifacts you use all the time? Or is the virus airborne or something?
And what did those artifacts do, except letting you save your game ;-) ? I never really got that. And where did they come from? Whats their purpose?

And finally, isn't it a bit dangerous what Phillip does in the end. Because assuming you take it seriously and send a military squad or something down there to kill all the Zombies and the Hive-Mind, won't those people just get infected and turn crazy like everyone else?

Oh well, great message though and great ending. Though I would've thought the player would be given a choice in the ending like in Amnesia. Fulfilling the hive's wish and therefore doing the same as Phillips father or screwing the hive over and sending this kill them all-message.
10-08-2010, 04:47 PM
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RE: the Infection and the artifacts (massive Spoilers)

The entire science team got infected without much discussion about how, so my guess is that it's airborne, or maybe the virus directs itself with its hive mind. Philip gets infected with the virus from Red somehow, so it's probably airborne considering Red was in that furnace the whole time.

The artifacts are Tuurngaiit, and they segment a host's personality to make it easier for the virus to take over. Very devious.

Presumably, a year 2000 strike squad with all of Philip's briefing will be adequately prepared with sealed suits. And flamethrowers everywhere to burn the virus out of the air.

I would've preferred a choice as well, but I'd have made the same choice Philip made. Despite the Tuurngaiit posing as a benevolent entity that just wants to be left alone, you can't avoid the fact that it takes over the minds of innocent people and bends them to its will. It's also interfered several times in humanity's history, to it's own ends. Killing it is the morally correct option.
12-31-2010, 05:59 AM
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RE: the Infection and the artifacts (massive Spoilers)

Probably when you ran into the zombies for the first time, and they knocked you out. Giving you the virus on contact.

Or you got it from Red when you burned his ass, making the virus go airborn or something....

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12-31-2010, 01:23 PM
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RE: the Infection and the artifacts (massive Spoilers)

In the other thread about this, wasn't it thought that Ph. had to be infected around about the time Red contacted him? Because only through the shared infection could Red know exactly where he was. Thats the theory anyway and probably has a few holes like why can't ph. know where red is etc.
01-01-2011, 03:02 AM

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