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totally off topic
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totally off topic

This totally off topic but I didn't want to join another
Forum for 1 post.

I am a Android phone addict. I had the Droid Eris
and was very happy with it. I upgraded to the Samsung fascinate
and was very disappointed with some features.
My main issue was the keyboard. Through Google search
I found the keyboard that the Eris used and installed
it on my fascinate. Try that on your iphone - not happening.

Gotta love the Android. About 80 percent of my posts were
from my mobile phone. Mucho props to the dev that hacked
the keyboard and got it working on other phones.

HTC should release it to the public! I miss my HTC Eris but
the fascinate is a great phone. Long live Android!

Anyone else like the android platform?
10-14-2010, 03:07 PM

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