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[Spoiler?] Is the WAU in a sense god?
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[Spoiler?] Is the WAU in a sense god?

Hi guys, first time around here. Just finished the game a few days ago and can't shake the sensation it has given me. What a fantastic experience it has been! Did a quick forum search for my "revelation" -if you will- and couldn't seem to find anything. So here it goes:

As a graduate student in the sciences and someone that doesn't believe in a supreme being, I have come to the realization that perhaps the WAU resembles a being such as god -at least in the christian sense. After the impact event and WAU's attempts at sustaining human "life", is it preposterous to view its actions as molding humans in its image and/or actually creating life? I do realize that the idea is highly contingent on whether one considers the scans to be alive or even human in the first place. Has the WAU become such an omniscient presence throughout PATHOS II with such a high degree of control of the last human habitat that its actions of shaping human survival to however it sees fits elevates it to the role of an architect at least within PATHOS II? I've also noticed how the WAU seems to upload scans of everyone it can get a hold of regardless of their motivations or consequences. Although one can also argue that through this process a lot of suffering is created, whether it is the torment and direct involvement in real human deaths of the survivors (not just letting them die naturally ie. omicron) or machine agony if again one considers them alive and human. Perhaps this can be taken as a sign that the WAU isn't omnibenevolent and not worthy of such title. What if it is ridiculous/silly to attribute such meaning and interpretation to WAU's actions and failing to see that it simply "is"? However, can't that argument be extended to the christian god, too? That he simply "is"? At this point bringing up the obvious biblical reference of the ARK is probably redundant. Furthermore, what does one make of the people of PATHOS II having created new digital "life" and complete control over the "world" in the ARK?

Obviously I'm not even going to try and claim to have an answer to my own rudimentary thoughts and vague language. I just find it rather interesting to entertain such a thought although it might seem totally silly to someone else. Particularly since the game is strictly secular save for when Catherine says she can see why people are religious if I remember correctly. I wonder if the developers had this in mind too? Anyways, fabulous game, had a wonderful time, and would love to see people's thoughts!
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07-03-2016, 01:26 PM
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RE: [Spoiler?] Is the WAU in a sense god?

You make a good point about the WAU molding humans in its image. However, the WAU is very hands-on, giving its creations little freedom. I think the ARK's creators are a better metaphor for God: they have complete control to begin with, but then they send the ARK on its way.
07-04-2016, 12:16 AM

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