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Mockingbird in door switch
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RE: Mockingbird in door switch

(07-26-2016, 08:41 AM)cantremember Wrote:
Spoiler below!

However though, when you touch him, he says "stay away from me", and when you reach for the WAU flower he says "no stop it", which seems like Ross, or whoever is speaking, has his 'presence' in the door button.

When you hear Ross later in the comm center he has a very different demeanor. There he's not stressed out, but very calm and depressed, just telling you to kill yourself because there's nothing left to live for. He doesn't seem at all interested (yet) with speaking to you.

Spoiler below!
Yes I did take that in to account...and tbh I wasn't quite sure what to make of those little audio snippets as there is also one of strasky at theta saying "There's something better here.." but, he's connected to the W.A.U. so either they are automated messages or...

The door also says "You need to help me" "Can you help?" "Look, I just NEED to get back" "You should stay...you should staaay...YOU SHOULD STAY!!" #(and that last one he gets desperate enough to blow the speaker out), Plus, he only says "You, stay away!" once and yeah you hit the nail on the head, it only says stay away when you go near the flower which again goes along with both Ross AND Catherine saying it's bad. I shall stand by my Ross theory...for now, and that cut suit made me a believer! XD (and this is why i love the game...debate like this).
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