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The Curse of Ripley Manor [full release]
serbusfish Offline

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The Curse of Ripley Manor [full release]

My latest custom story is completed, I released it at the end of August but since then after receiving player feedback it has been patched several times to remove bugs and make minor tweaks.

Moddb page:



Somewhere in England, deep in the heart of Carr Forest lies a huge mansion owned by a large family of wealthy European Aristocrats. The owners rarely venture from inside their safe haven, yet gladly welcome many visitors to share with them an experience in this magnificent landmark.

A darkness hangs over this place however. Some claim visitors never return from their visits, while others tell stories of deformed creatures and vile spirits haunting the mansion and surrounding forest.

The story is set in the late 1920's. You play as a man named Edward. You wake up in the forest, lost and confused, unsure how you got there. You are cold and out of breath, like you have been running from something... all you can do is follow the path and hope it takes you to safety.

  • Custom Assets + many from AMFP
  • Lengthy story
  • Unsettling Atmosphere
  • No cheap scares


[Image: Amnesia_2016-08-02_20-07-57-41.jpg]

[Image: Amnesia_2016-08-01_23-38-32-67.jpg]

[Image: Amnesia_2016-08-05_00-47-23-44.jpg]

[Image: Amnesia_2016-06-13_11-34-07-42.jpg]


Amnesia patch 1.3.1 required due to AMFP assets and scripts being heavily used throughout.

The Amnesia 1.3.1 patch is a little buggy, myself and others have found that modifying settings in the main_settings.cfg and user_settings.cfg files causes random crashes in some maps. Setting these files to default values/deleting and allowing Amnesia to re-create the files should solve any crashes.

More images:

[Image: Amnesia_2016-08-02_00-00-27-79.jpg]

[Image: 6.2.jpg]

[Image: Amnesia_2016-05-09_23-48-12-96.jpg]

[Image: Amnesia_2016-06-13_11-35-13-74.jpg]

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09-20-2016, 11:37 PM
Cyberneering Offline
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RE: The Curse of Ripley Manor [full release]

This mod need's a lot more attention, it's really well made. It's what AAMFP should have been.
09-27-2016, 07:42 PM

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