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Amnesia: The Streets Of London
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RE: Amnesia: The Streets Of London

Hi Guys,

Just an update:

The first patch release for The Streets Of London is now available.

  • Updated Inventory GUI to fit the A Machine For Pigs aesthetic.
  • Slightly reduced loading times for Streets Part 2 & 4.
  • Changed Eugene's Diaries to regular Notes.
  • Removed Tinderbox counter from some lamps that still had them.
  • Added autosave at the start of hunt section of Streets Part 3.
Patch Download: Moddb

The original soundtrack to The Streets Of London is also available, it is crafted by yours truly and contains 29 tracks of dark ambient music, so if you're into that type of music, this is a must listen.

Soundtrack Download: Moddb

The Moddb Mod of the Year Awards of 2016 is on and it'll be great if you show your support for the mod and vote for us, we'll be most thankful as we spent 2 hard years creating this mod for your enjoyment and would be very grateful if you voted for us.
You can vote for us by going onto the Amnesia: The Streets Of London page and clicking "Vote Now".

Thanks to all of the people who supported and played the mod, it means alot to us! Glad to see you are enjoying the mod so far. More updates containing new bonus features for the mod are on the way.
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