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The Dark Descent/Justine - Achievement Beta Released
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The Dark Descent/Justine - Achievement Beta Released

With the release of the Amnesia Collection on PS4 we included support for Trophies.
We have now added the same Achievements to Steam as a beta build.
Any Achievements you unlock in the beta will be unlocked in the final version as well.

To activate the Steam beta follow these steps:
1) Right click the game in Steam
2) Select Properties
3) Select the Betas tab
4) In the drop down box select "achievement_beta | Achievement Beta" and press ok

If done correctly the game will have [achievement_beta] after the name in Steam

The final release will come later when we have done testing on all the different operating systems.

Report any bugs you encounter in this thread:
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RE: The Dark Descent/Justine - Achievement Beta Released

Alright, I'll help testing.
OS: Windows 7 64 bits.

I made it to the Back Hall, and I got 2 achievements; alchemist and escapist.
No problema. I would test AMFP too but I don't have it in Steam.

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