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Reg_Zombie Monster
Spelos Away

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Brick  Reg_Zombie Monster

[Image: 4luoWcu.jpg]

This monster was used in my old custom story Regression. Since then, the sounds had been fixed and values adjusted so the monster is no longer too fast.

How to use the monster
  • Extract the "sounds", "music" and "entities" folders into your Amnesia directory. Same folders should already exist in that directory. This action should not replace any files, only merge them.
  • After this action, be sure to restart Level Editor as well as the game itself if it was open before.
  • In Level Editor, the monster can be found in Entities > Reg_Zombie

How to include the monster with your custom story
  • Extract the "sounds", "music" and "entities" folders into your custom story's folder. It's the same folder where your extra_english.lang file is.
  • (optional) Check your custom story with AURORA Asset Validation Tool to make sure no entities are missing.

[Image: app-dropbox-icon.png] Download
01-03-2017, 01:05 PM

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