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Complete Spanish dub for Amnesia & Justine
IlDucci Offline
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Music  Complete Spanish dub for Amnesia & Justine

Good evening. I'm here to present you guys an non-official European Spanish retranslation & dubbing mod for Amnesia: The Dark Descent and the Justine expansion, presented to you by Rodol Pérez and myself, Víctor González.

This project started in the late 2015 as the final dissertation for Rodol, a translation student that wanted to do a full localisation of those games. The official translation is decent, but we think it can be much, much better.

He enlisted the help of 17 fellow voice actors from Spain to achieve a full dub, and presented the "first" version in September 2016, achieving a very high grade. After that, I've been remixing the voices and finding out the final details that were needed to make this a polished product.

Rodol J. Pérez-G.: Translator, Project Manager, Texture Artist
Víctor González Fraile: Proofreader, Sound Mixer, Format Researcher, Installer coding

Víctor González: Daniel
José Merino: Baron Alexander de Brennenburg
Raquel Urda: Zimmermann's daughter
Yitán Drowned: Soldier 1
Luisma Albarracín: Soldier 2; Victor Fournier (Justine)
Delfín Maestre: Wilhelm de Gerich; Man in the morgue
Migca Kazius: Ms. Zimmermann
Enrique Cano: Professor Herbert
Joseph Rubira: Prisoner
Enrique Carmena: Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa
María Cebrián: Justine Florbelle (Justine)
Sergio Gil: Aloïs Racine (Justine)
Félix Ribalta: Pater David (Justine)
Rodol J. Pérez-G.: Basile Giroux (Justine)
Salvi Garrido: Félix Marot (Justine)
Enrique Colinet: Malo de Vigny (Justine)
Laura Peña: Clarice (Justine)

You can see the official post (in Spanish) through this link.

Download link
02-13-2017, 05:06 PM
Romulator Offline
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RE: Complete Spanish dub for Amnesia & Justine

Okay, I don't speak Spanish, like, at all. But seriously, great job. This sounds pretty much official, and most, if not all the details have been looked into and replicated. Even when I am reading and listening to the lines I am very familiar with, you've tried to maintain some of the pacing and emotion in some of the sentences. It's absolutely spectacular.

I highly commemorate your work. Great job, very well done!

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02-13-2017, 05:18 PM
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RE: Complete Spanish dub for Amnesia & Justine

Very impressive indeed!

02-13-2017, 05:45 PM

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