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The Unused Idea Collection (UIC)
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Lightbulb  The Unused Idea Collection (UIC)

Hello to the old and new members!

As you might have guessed from the title, this will become a collection of unused ideas for other CS developers to use. Even if you're either new to this forum or one of the experienced members, everyone could draw some inspiration from the ideas, which will be added over time.

If you have some amazing ideas of your own, just simple comment down below and I will add them as soon as possible.

Story Concepts
(Interesting and unique story ideas)

▪ A story about a young man with alzheimers disease, slowly drifting into madness while losing his friends and family.

▪ A story about a tortured prisoner awaiting his execution while being locked in the same, slightly changing room.

▪ A story which parodies the concept used in the Stanley Parabel in which the narrator drifts into insanity, rambling about illogical steps in the story and the setting which become soon reality for the Player.

▪ A story in which the ingame Player becomes selfaware and tries to change the narrative just to break free of his neverending boredom and finds out that it was part of the Story all along.

▪ A story about three different people, each in another timeline, who influence the other timelines by making different decisions. (Enviromental changes, narrative changes)

▪ A story about a drug addict reliving the most horrific parts of his life, before finally dying after a drug overdose.

▪ A story about an engineer during the great depression, who got trapped in his own, masterful creation: a mechanical maze guarding his greatest treasure...

▪ A story in which a shizophrenic protagonist uses his different personas to his advantage as everyone of them utilizes a specific set of skills.

▪A story about a veteran reliving his horrifying experiences he endured while fighting in the first world war.

▪ A lonesome light guard has a terrible feeling after discovering the diary of his former collegue describing ghostly voices comming from the cellar.

Original Settings
(Settings which have never been seen or have a fresh feel to them.)

▪ A stageplay where the scenary changes while keeping the theatrical, two dimensional look.

▪ An abandoned football stadium with the commentator guiding you through the level over the speakers.

▪ A seemingless abandoned ghost train in which the player needs to reset the electricity to reach certain waypoints.

Puzzle Ideas
(Pretty selfexplainatory.)

(Get the fun back into developing your Story and start giving yourself interesting challenges.)

▪ Let the whole story play out in just one room.

▪ Design a Custom Story which can be played in just 7 to 10 minutes.

▪ A Custom Story where you build every single moment up to one single, perfectly timed jumpscare.

▪ Don't use any Notes, Subtitles, Mono- or Dialogue and just convey your story through enviromental Design.

Please be fair and give credit to the user behind the idea you will be using in your story.
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