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SOLARIS (1972) is the perfect movie of SOMA
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SOLARIS (1972) is the perfect movie of SOMA

Has someone here already watched this russian sci-fi classic by Andrei Tarkowski?

[Image: twfwdffk.jpg]

The thematics are exactly what SOMA is about. You might think this movie has been used as an inspiration for SOMA. It doesn't play under water but the story has a lot of connections.

[Image: 4mgplcpb.jpg]

The questions about what we are, from where we come and why, and what it means to be a human. A mysterious planet that seems to consist of brain mass like a structural gel can be used to make copies of ourselves.

[Image: es7uc6ox.jpg]

Is our reality only a simulation? In slow pictures this movie builds up a deep atmosphere that is scary in a very unique way. It is not a horror movie but it uses elements of horror way much deeper than conventional alien cliche. There are no monsters or such things, instead the scary stuff is the story itself.

[Image: mfpkoov5.jpg]

SOLARIS manages to create a very powerful impact of magic. Much better than Stanley Kubrick's "2001". Tarkowski is a genius of movie making.

Now I will watch Tarkowski's next sci-fi classic "Stalker" (1979) which also is literally one of the best movies ever made.
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