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Tommyboypsp Offline

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Okay I just completed it and it's AWESOME!!

Definitely 5/5 stars for this epic custom story, I used to play lots of them years ago, but only rarely have I seen such a good custom story.
(First I will put some things that I think can be improved, but only to help so you can maybe change them. They're only tiny flaws and don't really bother me)

Spoiler below!
-In the sewer, the man you meet seems to be oddly clothed considering the context.
-Some things written/said by the teddy bear and the person writing the critic notes seem to be out of character. For the man, I think it would suit him to be a bit more formal, so instead of things like 'these guys are idiots' , something more along the line of 'I wonder what they're up to'. For the bear, I wish he was a bit more riddle-like and poetic. Like when he says 'one time I threw a stone into a window' and it's obviously what you have to do. What if it said something like this 'That window looks weak'?
-I don't really understand the logic/goal of the main character, like sure I would also try to find my siblings if they were missing. But if they had accepted to be in an extreme cult, willing to do mass suicides etc.. I would stop risking my life to find them.
-I had a glitch where the upstairs door in the mansion that closes on you, closed after me instead, locking me inside. Possibly I didn't touch the door and just sorta pushed it open without using my hand.
-There's a loading screen when you first reach the island, claiming I'm wet from the rain. This doesn't make sense, since I just washed ashore. Wouldn't that make me more wet than the rain ever could?

+The story is awesome! So many elements and even pictures from real life! I wonder what the mummy is really from?
+The plot twists at the end are awesome! I would've never guessed near the end that I had already met the note writer AND my brother O.O
+The maps are so detailed and well made! They make sense too, like the mansion could be real!
+You made some of the textures yourself? They are really good! I especially liked the black stuff at the end with the eyes in it :O How did you make that!! So good
+The voice acting is amazing, good job!
+This is only like the second custom story out of probably 100-150 where I've seen another person in it, so good job on that!
+One thing I can always really appreciate is good use of old models. Every time I think that there's no way someone can make something new and original using the same statues etc. again.. but then someone like you comes along and blows my mind!
+Random events like the door closing on you and books falling on your head are really good! Also when you fall out of the ship it's really unexpected, since you just picked up the key.
+Good puzzles, original ones I've not seem similar ones of before.
+The amount of monsters, or well.. monster.. is just right. Not too many for you to miss the story, not to few for it to be boring.
+The potion making system is really cool! I never really used the sprinting potion though.
+The bear giving advice is very cool. I wonder if he is possessed, or if the main character is just going crazy?

+Also another bonus point for random picture in a closet of a guy wearing a musical instrument lol

It's such a good custom story, so if you don't like and of the negative things I said please ignore them Big Grin

Oh also please make a part 2 Big Grin

Funderbunk Wrote:Playing Amnesia through to the end has increased the size of my genitalia exponentially and made me into a real man.
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11-24-2018, 05:42 PM
Darkfire Offline
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Thank you so much for the feedback! I'm really glad you enjoyed my Custom Story.
Regarding your criticisms:

Spoiler below!

-Teddy was designed as a "last resort" kind of tip-system, so that's why some of the tips are on-the-nose.
The reason for making this was players getting stuck in my previous Custom Story and posting the same comments over and over again, even though I answered their quesiton in previous ones, and there was a guide included with the mod.

-I admit, the sewer man is oddly clothed. That's because I couldn't get my hands on a more fitting model at the time.

-The Sceptic was supposed to come off as a grey-area character, neither good nor bad; that's why his writing style is like that. Might have been not the greatest writing choice, but that's what I went with    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

-My focus in this story was the lore behind the Madden Island and the cult, that's why the main character isn't as good as he could have been. I'm also not that good with writing characters, but hey, I'm learning Big Grin

-The rain thing - Lol, I didn't think about that. Good point

I'll work on that door bug when I get back to modding again.

By the way, the sequel is in the making. You can see it's blog on ModDb, and you can also play my previous Custom Story ("Chromanin" - it's not as good, but players still liked it). The links are in my signature below the post, or you can simply go here:
Darkfire's ModDb profile
I'm also more likely to answer any comments faster on that website.

Since the forum is almost dead, I'll give you this trivia about the sequel (Eldritch Cove):
It's not gonna be a direct sequel, but it will refer to the events of SDP and will elaborate on the ending of SDP (and that black goo you liked!).
I'm glad you noticed new textures and such, because Eldritch Cove is 90% custom assets, some of which I have done myself (most of them, however, are free assets from various websites).


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