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Blender Open Projects
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Blender Open Projects


i just renewed my blender cloud subscription to nick some models from open movies and try them as game assets (most probably too highres but..).
And i remembered your open source HPL 1 and with the size of some of your Games/extensions it might be an Idea to collaborate with the Blender Institute for an Open Game?
YoFranky sadly was not to big a success and Blender guys have not tried them selfs at games since then, but quite some work has gone into interoperability since then and there is even funding from valve for better game support.
It would be so great to have an open content game.
Open source even bigger of cause even with old overture engine.
Being able to look the masters over the soulder while they are creating magic is so fascinating.
I love amnesia forthnight for the same reason..
(And your blogposts by the way)
Anyways great fan of your stuff here :-) - keep it up!
I'm thrilled to see new projects from you.


09-21-2017, 08:27 PM

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