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Brick  Simulacrum

[Image: sdIqcQW.jpg]

[Image: 139930.png]

The desert is home to a handful of villages whose ancestry reaches back centuries. All of them surround a mythologically celebrated ancient stronghold that stands drilling water from a deep-seated aquifer to support the nearby settlements.

There is a presence there, perpetuated only by black magic.

Rand Bousaid, a monk from one of the few cloisters atop the plateau, is roused by recurring dreams of a hellish scourge laying waste to everything, always shown with a looming acropolis in the background. One night he packs his belongings, leaves a letter of notice to the Abbot, and sets out to find the place he so vividly recalls.

[Image: r2EB5CfYQkqhirZCwMjXQA.png]

[Image: Screen_Screenshot_049.jpg]

Make sure that resources.cfg and DevIL.dll go in your main Amnesia folder, and that the Simulacrum folder goes in \custom_stories\

DevIL.dll is required for users running Amnesia 1.3.1 to render skyboxes properly.

The custom resources.cfg is optional but recommended in order to use the custom spotlight lantern.

(I also highly recommend playing it with Stayd's Enhanced Shaders for Amnesia.)

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07-20-2018, 07:24 AM
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RE: Simulacrum

Alright, time to play Amnesia again after 2 years.

07-21-2018, 04:13 PM

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