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Amnesia: Unused Content
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Information  Amnesia: Unused Content

Hi. It's been a while since my last post. This time, I'm here to show you some unused scripts from the base game.
 If you've already seen the Early Alpha video on the Super Secret file, you've seen how much the game has changed. What you probably didn't know is that some of the things seen in that video are still in the base game and more, but deactivated.
 So i've made a video showing those unused scripts and events that were supposed to be found in the base game.


 Here are some timestamps for each individual change:

Quote:0:03 - 0:33 - Some extra sounds were supposed to play (The body slam sound and Daniel gasping)
0:45 - 1:10 - The door on that event was supposed to be locked shut after entering the room, and unlock soon after, playing a laughter sound as well, and after getting far away enough, close it shut permanently.
1:27 - 1:40 - The Old Archives critter event from the Early Alpha footage. Door is closed shut behind you and flashes ocurred when the critters spawned and despawned, then the door is unlocked. A loud sound is supposed to play here as well when the door is shut.
1:40 - 1:50 - Little Extra: The unused Sanity Potion and Pouch of Coins. (plus breakable boxes)
2:15 - 2:25 - A short soundtrack was supposed to play there. Listen closely.
2:27 - Little Extra: The lantern seen on the Early Alpha footage. Lantern on audio from Penumbra: Necrologue, lantern off audio ripped from the early footage. The invisible hand is from Necrologue as well, and the lantern has been put somewhere far away from the camera. The lighting has been edited as well.
2:40 - 2:45 - Unused event with a dark cloud. Probably a bunch of flies or something, if you count the buzzing sound when it happens. Happens everywhere on the Archives at certain points.
3:15 - Little Extra: Entities were supposed to face the player once picked up. Reactivated by toggling GrabUseOffset on the Model Editor for each individual entity.
3:24 - 3:31 - Unused event with the bookshelf on the Study room. Scratching sounds would be heard from behind it, together with a man's screams and moans. After some time, the books would come out flying from the shelf together with a screen flash, and the books would fade away. An unused soundtrack would be heard as well.
3:44 - A wind sound would be heard in this event. Deactivated probably to give it a more supernatural effect on it, since it explains why the book falls down.
4:25 - 4:30 - Yet another event on the dark cloud.
4:56 - 5:01 - And again. It is the last time.
6:09 - 6:24 - The door would close shut instead of slowly close, and a Infected from Penumbra (a placeholder before the Grunt was created) would spawn after leaving the room, and would probably roam the area and not despawn. The Wine Cellar would be even more dangerous than now like that.
6:29 - 6:40 - The event would trigger once close enough to that part of the room instead of when pouring the chemicals on the machine.
7:07 - 7:41 - An stair would be in that room and you could place it on the loft area. There would be a chest in the loft with some goodies, and when close to the chest, an small event with flashing lights and a ghostly gasp on the end would occur. This was removed because on old versions of the game, Daniel could climb up wall ledges and crounch on ladders, but that was removed. But you can still do an timed jump-crounch there from the ladder to the loft.
7:56 - 8:15 - On the base game, the chemical machine would work once all valves were open at once, but before (also seen in the early alpha) one valve would be needed to be turned on, then the previous valve should be closed, until the last one.
Little Extra: If you listened well, you've noticed different footsteps for stone surfaces. Yes, on the early alpha footage, you can hear different footsteps on the same surface that has been removed. I've recreated it by using walk and run audios for the stone surface.
Extra: Some areas of the game were once merged into one area. The Old Archives and New Archives were once merged into a single Big Archives, and the Wine Cellar and Laboratory were once merged into a Wine Lab.

 And that is it! Just wanting to share something I've found. Not sure if someone else has already made this, but still, I hope you enjoyed this. Maybe it can give you some inspiration for some event coding, or something.

Praise our savior:
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