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MFP modding resources
Darkfire Offline
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Brick  MFP modding resources

This is an upload dump for MFP modding recources.

Custom config files:

.rar   editor.rar (Size: 14.7 KB / Downloads: 366)
First, install the 1.3 modding tools into MFP. Then merge the downloaded folder with the existing one.

MFP full conversion template:

.rar   MFP_mod.rar (Size: 710.59 KB / Downloads: 357)
Drag this into your main MFP folder. To run the mod, you need to go into /your_mod and start the .bat file. To edit the main_init, go into /config_mod. Don't edit the main_init when the mod is running. The rest of the config files are located in /your_mod/config and can be edited when the game is running.

02-18-2020, 11:37 AM
KiraImmortal Offline

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RE: MFP modding resources

Didn't expect anybody else to look into this. Much better than the method i used, even if i will be the only one you helped with this, i sincerely thank you Smile

10-13-2020, 05:51 PM

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