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Announcement The Atonement - Story Completed - Need Voice Over Actors
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The Atonement - Story Completed - Need Voice Over Actors

Hi all,

I've been working on a custom story all by myself since the end of 2014 and I've finally completed my work on it.

Below is the trailer:


The custom story has 5-8 hours of gameplay and everything has been fully voiced by me so far. I've voiced the character you play as and two of the enemies that will be in the release version.

I am currently looking for 18 volunteers to provide voice over for different characters and their notes. While 16 of those will only voice 1 single note or a 'flashback' each, 2 main ones will need to voice A LOT of notes, monologue and flashback. The main one is about ~20 minutes worth of voice over.

The synopsis: 
Retired detective Malcolm is awoken by the knocking of two mysterious whistle-blowers. They tell him about their lord who has been committing atrocities under the shroud of his glorious reputation. Intrigued, Malcolm decides to shake off the rust for one final case in order to pursue justice, but finds that the truth is far more complex than it was made out to be.

  • 31 unique levels.
  • 5-8 hours of gameplay
  • Rich story.
  • 5 endings.
  • Variety of levels ranging from outside environments to beautiful intact halls as well as decrepit, collapsing dungeons.
  • Use of assets from Dark Descent as well as Machine for Pigs.
  • Custom enemies and other entities, sounds and music.
  • High level of detail - every shelf and drawer has something in it, lots of decor.
  • No hiding in wardrobes - most of them are filled with stuff to prevent you hiding in them.
  • Increased difficulty for enemies who will see you from much farther away. Some enemies will change their path depending on where you hide.
  • Oil management just like in the original game.
  • ~60 notes and ~10 flashbacks.
  • 90% of the custom story has voice over - currently everything I want to replace has my own voice recorded as placeholder.
  • I worked on the project alone and it took me 6 years and thousands of hours of work.
I intend to release the custom story as soon as possible and would appreciate any assistance with the voice over. My only requirement is that you have a decent microphone with no static/background noise.

Feel free to post here, add me on discord Exesus#8193, message on here or join the discord group https://discord.gg/XraCAEw that I have just created.

ModDB page link https://www.moddb.com/mods/the-atonement...ver-actors

While I cannot offer much as a reward, I would be happy for those assisting with the voice over to be the bug testers prior to release. To be honest, I've tested it so much myself I don't think there are any bugs left!

Thanks for your time!
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