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3D modeling, any suggested tutorials?
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Question  3D modeling, any suggested tutorials?

Hi all, I've always kinda wanted to learn 3D modeling, I bet it's a slow and painful process, but I also hope to once I get started, to get good at it. But that aside as the basics are needed first of course. Big Grin

*Cough.* I'll be posting my questions here then:

-Are there any tutorials you can suggest that can even teach the greatest idiot to 3D model? (Now I'm pretty good with interfaces, but lots of tutorials I've seen always leave me guessing about what is meant, as if there is tons of info they assume you already know... Could be just me though.)

-What program is best to use? I see many use Blender, so I guess I'll go with that, unless you guys have a better suggestion?

-What I mostly wish to do eventually is being able to use 3D models inside video editing, I love the idea of using home-made CG for movies made. Anything I should keep in mind with that goal?

That'll be all for now, hope someone is willing to share their vast knowledge on awesome 3D skills and how to acquire them. :B
05-04-2011, 11:00 AM
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RE: 3D modeling, any suggested tutorials?

It may seem incredibly complicated to get started, but once you get going it's a lot.. smoother. Popular, what I call 'traditional' modelling packages like blender, max, maya are all great, and there are bucketloads of tutorials around the internet. Start off googling for getting started videos, then specific projects.. like "modelling knife 3ds max 2009" for example. Just simple things, play around, find what tutorial types / sites you like.

There isn't exactly a best program, there are just programs you prefer (so before you learn LOTS in one, try many).

Then after you've got the general skills of one or more of those packages, you will probably discover the most amazing thing ever, 3d sculpting packages like Pixologic's Zbrush (The most amazing program ever) or Autodesk's Mudbox (Not the most amazing program ever). These programs are quite different from 'traditional' modelling programs, have their own advantages and disadvantaged. But don't worry about those just yet.
05-04-2011, 11:18 AM

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