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RE: spiders

dzjepp Wrote:
Thaliur Wrote:Just to make sure: "torch" is not always a burning piece of wood, it's also another word used for those devices often called "flashlight" in other games Wink

Ahhhh thanks I will try this... when you said torch, I imagined a big burning stick Big Grin

However last night I did try using the flare and they still attacked me. I will see how the flashlight goes.

lol i thought that too, I never considered lighting a piece of wood on fire to try it. I just pickaxe the spiders. They aren't very quick to attack on the first jump so I just run up to them, crouch w/ my pickaxe ready, aim down and let it whack em. Unless you're jumped by several spiders, it's easy to kill them w/ the pickaxe...especially since you could afford to take alot of hits vs spiders.
04-06-2007, 09:02 PM

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