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About spoilers. Read before posting!
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About spoilers. Read before posting!

If you post anything that might spoil the experience for any other user like: story specifics, events, etc the spoiler tag must be used. To use it simply use the following bb code:
[spoiler]This is my spoilerish text[/spoiler]
which will create the following:
Spoiler below!
This is my spoilerish text

Also refrain from having spoilers in the topic name, for example:
1) "Was the evil prince really a toad like the ending shows?"
2) "Man, your friend turning into a three-headed beast was really awesome!"

Instead word it like this:
1) "Question on ending"
2) "The thing that happened to your friend - wasn't it awesome?"

Please follow these simple rules and I am sure this forum will be an even more pleasant place to dwell Smile

There is no need to make entire threads with spoiler tags or use it all the time. If the thread is a about a certain puzzle, then info regarding this puzzle does not need to be in tags.

So use the tags when you think your information might spoil the game for someone how unkowingly happen to read it. However if the thread is already about a spoilerish subject, no things regarding that subject need to be spoiler-tagged.

Just clearing things up Smile
04-04-2007, 10:10 AM
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