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A (really noob) Question
LoveBlaze Offline
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A (really noob) Question

Okay, so this question may seem a bit idiotic but I'm completely new at setting up a Dev environment, and I've been using the tutorial on the wiki (this one) which I assume is correct. I'm just confused on the final step, where it's saying to point to which map file to load. I get that it's to load a map and everything, but I don't already have a map file? I just need to know what to set that to. One of the original maps from the official game? I don't want to mess anything up with the game itself, and I feel like that would overwrite the original file or something and mess with it. Then again, all the knowledge I have comes from VERY minor roles scripting projects in the past and what you could gather from tutorials.

Also, any tips you want to share would be great. Show off your knowledge to an almost complete novice!

06-26-2011, 04:47 AM
Roenlond Offline
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RE: A (really noob) Question

That step will be what map to load - if you've disabled all menus and such it will load that map at first start, skipping everything else. So in order to load your own map you first need to go into the level editor, create a new map and then save it as anything (let's say test.map for now) that you can remember. You need to save it in your own folder (let's say TestMap) in Maps\ and write File=“test.map” in the final step. You also need to do the step before that correctly, naming it Folder=“TestMap/” in this case.

Alright some map editor tips. First off, some of the things I recall needing was:

select an object and press ctrl+d to duplicate it.
The bottom toolbar controls snapping to grid (disable it to allow free movement of for example tinderboxes). You can also turn off ambient lightning and such there, as well as lock to grid which was turned on by default for me and it wouldn't let me control the camera correctly.
06-26-2011, 09:47 AM

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