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how did you kill the wolves and spiders?
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RE: how did you kill the wolves and spiders?

lol I can see a pattern here every one can kill the wolves but runs away from the spiders :O

Well I found on hard it's easiest to hide then attack but on easy it was a walk in the park since wolf is slower and do less damage and my health regenerates.
Spiders I had not much trouble since I kept my distance from them far as possible
04-10-2007, 01:53 AM
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RE: how did you kill the wolves and spiders?

I would generally just ambush the mutated dogs up to the point when the steam chambers appeared, at that point I just tossed jerky in there, slammed the gate behind the dog and killed them with the steam. I don't think it was really necessary, as I had already more or less mastered the art of beating them to death with my pick axe, but it was fun to do, as I always love doing things like setting traps in games. When I first saw that barricading doors was an important part of evading enemies, I hoped that you would be able to set up traps for would-be attackers as they breach your barricaded door. While I was unable to find an instance where that was possible, the steam chambers were suitable substitutes. As for spiders....I'm no fan of the spiders. They were pretty annoying, and I didn't like how even if I didn't actually approach the egg nests they still hatched. I generally just ran away from them, though. I don't think I used dynamite once, now that I think of it....
04-12-2007, 06:14 AM

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