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OMGWTFBBQ - Agrippa ... (spoiler) ... But wtf :O
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OMGWTFBBQ - Agrippa ... (spoiler) ... But wtf :O

Guys you have to see this piece of code.

I was sneaking around game's hps, while suddendly I found this:
Spoiler below!

void InitAgrippa()
    // Check if player has awakend agrippa in 21, if not make Agrippa dead.
    if(GetGlobalVarInt("AgrippaActivatedIn21") != 1)
        SetEntityActive("agrippa_2", false);
        SetEntityActive("agrippa_headless_1", true);
        SetEntityActive("AreaAgrippa", false); //Turn off no item use on corpse is possible.
        StopSound("Sound_60", 0.0f); //Channeling machine
        DestroyParticleSystem("ParticleSystem_62"); //Channeling machine
        SetEntityActive("bone_saw_1", false);

Did you see?

"// Check if player has awakend agrippa in 21, if not make Agrippa dead."

I think if you don't turn off the lever at the beginning he will die!!!!

Someone knew this?
Spoiler below!
How would he die?
Let's discuss Big Grin
21 is the Torture nave, 26 is the torture nave redux, (when it's completely full of slime and there are new things like the lab and a little cave

listen to boards of canada
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RE: OMGWTFBBQ - Agrippa ... (spoiler) ... But wtf :O


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