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plz help me in the Game :)
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plz help me in the Game :)

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2 hours not know plzz help me !
04-16-2007, 09:04 PM
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RE: plz help me in the Game :)

Spoiler below!
Part 3: No Strings Attached

There's an arrow which says Explosives, go there.
Take the TNT barrel, go back and take a left, then take another left and you'll see a caved-in tunnel.
Take the note and drop the TNT barrel into the hole.
The keycode to the actual workshop door is 8412 (it says so in the note you took). Go to the workshop and enter it.
There's an artifact and a flare on the right shelf.
On the left there's a box of cotton string.
Take some of it.
Go forward and move the stones to get the pickaxe.
Go back and take the door on your left.
Open the bars and use a hammer or the axe to smash the wooden planks on the left.
Walk forward. There's a flare under the barrels.
Pick up the box and go through a busted set of bars.
There's an electric fence, so you'll have to find a way across.
You can either use some planks to construct a ramp, or stack boxes to jump across.
Smash the door with your pickaxe.
There's a dynamite stick in the box, and painkillers on the right.
Smash the barrel with your pickaxe.
Combine the string and the bottle of Baxtrin in the inventory.
Use the soaked string on the gun powder from the barrel.
Now go back to the cave-in.
Use the string (which is now a fuse) on the barrel, then use the lighter on the fuse and stay back!

"I never felt truly alive until I was staring death in the face"
04-16-2007, 09:16 PM

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