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Do you like the idea of playable monsters and do you think its possible?
Yes, I like it, and it should indeed be possible. Smile
afroduckie, Erik The Born, PixelHurricane, The chaser, VeNoMzTeamHysterical
5 26.32%
No, I dont like it, but it should indeed be possible. :/
Adrianis, FlawlessHappiness, nemesis567
3 15.79%
Yes, I really like this idea, but im afraid its not possible. Sad
Akos115, Kirbypwnage, OriginalUsername, tonitoni1998
4 21.05%
No, I dont like it, and I think its impossible to achieve. Tongue
7heDubz, Damascus Rose, Hardarm, NaxEla, PutraenusAlivius, Racingcreed, WALP
7 36.84%
Total: 19 vote(s) 100%