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Amnesia Tool 1.4 Release: (Unofficial) Tool for modders
Daemian Offline
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Amnesia Tool 1.4 Release: (Unofficial) Tool for modders

Updated: 23/12/13
Spoiler below!

- Added option to copy or not .msh files.
- It can recognize now fbx and psd files.

- Added option for .hps files.
- Option to remove compounds from maps is removed for now.
(Just to avoid a rare problem)

- Added option for .snt files.
- Now it can recognize sounds specified in .ent files.

- You can drag&drop files and folders to your resources.
- You can drag&drop a folder to set your mod/resources location (instead of using the browser).
- Reduced light, replaced by darker colors.
- More tests performed, all good.

Hello, this is a small app to help modders locate missing files from their projects.

It makes a full working playable mod you can send to someone or upload it somewhere remaining functional without errors from missing files like textures, models and others.

[Image: adasdasd.jpg]

At first you get a little lost, but after you play with it a bit and test stuff you realize what it can do.

Some problems it can fix:
Spoiler below!

A copied model from Machine for pigs is not visible
Fix: Locates the problem, copies missing files if needed, fixes path.

LevelEditor says errors about missing files
Fix: The tool looks inside maps and locates the files they need.
When every file is found and copied to your mod, the error will stop.

Extra files makes the mod huge in size
Fix: Already existing files and Amnesia base files are ignored, the tool copies only what you need.
(And I recommend working on a temporal folder to end up with all the files you need only.)

Cannot find which files are missing from a model/material/etc
Fix: The detect option looks for this problems and notifies the user in the events box.

Mod config files are not working or crashing the game
Fix: There's an option to create working structures for both IFC and CS mods.

How it works
Spoiler below!

It looks inside your mod searching for missing files.
Having only the maps (.map) it can recreate the complete mod. (Except configuration files)

You can tell the program where to search for missing files, these are the resources .
And down resources, is your Mod files.

Error Notifications
Spoiler below!

Errors given by the tool use this structure:

Errors should be easy to understand and solve, most of the time are notifications of files the tool couldn't find.
All you gotta do is locate this file yourself and put it in resources for the tool to find it.

Known error with Collada files (.dae)
These files sometimes makes the tool give warnings about missing textures. It's extra info Amnesia ignores because it uses .mat files.
If the model is working, you should ignore it too.
This is how they look: "Error panda.dae panda_specular.mat is missing"

Overflow error with resources list:
Resources list cannot handle more than 32,767 entries.
So try to keep it down, zip some folders, move stuff away.
The less files you give the program to handle, the faster it works.
Nothing bad is gonna happen, it just gives the error.

The Deploy menu
Spoiler below!

I included a zip in the package in case you want to use this menu.
My compiler couldn't handle folder structures that good so i put the stuff inside a zip. Steps are:

1. Open AmnTool, click AmnTool menu and select Open Tool Dir.
In that folder, unzip DeployFiles.zip
It should create the subdirectory /Deploy
Now the deploys should work.

.msh Info
Spoiler below!

Models from machine for pigs have a .msh version
that is not compatible with Amnesia (its rotation/size looks weird)

You should delete this .msh so the game can automatically create its own version of it.

I already made my levels without deleting first the .msh files
Spoiler below!

Now you should keep those old .msh, if you delete them now, those models are gonna appear with weird rotations/sizes.

For this case I included these options you can use to solve your problem:

- Enable the option "Include .msh files"
In order to include the .msh files you have along with the models when copying.

- Disable the option "Fix objects paths"
This option modifies the .dae inside, then Amnesia recreates the .msh cause the dates differ.

What it can't do
Spoiler below!

Can't locate/copy any custom content that has no explicit reference to it, you got to copy those yourself.

- Custom lanterns.
- Custom graphics that modify the interface.
- Configuration files.
- Models animations (I'm working on it)
- Any extra file you may have around.

Maybe in future versions it will be possible.

Download 23/12/2013

For the first time you use it, I recommend to work on a temporal folder with a copy of your maps.

I accept ideas and code to implement stuff, lang is vb.
My skype is: amnlemoore

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10-26-2013, 12:20 AM
Acies Offline
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RE: AmnTool 1.0 Release: Tool for modders

Good job! Might come to use this at a later stage - keeping track of files can become confusing in a large mod... I might have forgotten to copy a few Big Grin

[Image: mZiYnxe.png]

10-26-2013, 01:15 AM
plutomaniac Offline
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RE: AmnTool 1.0 Release: Tool for modders

Heart I'll definitely keep an eye on this. Wink
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10-26-2013, 12:07 PM
Paddy™ Offline
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RE: AmnTool 1.0 Release: Tool for modders

I just started dipping my toe into custom story design and this tool will make my life so much easier, amazing work, and amazing initiative!
10-26-2013, 12:44 PM
DnALANGE Offline

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RE: AmnTool 1.0 Release: Tool for modders

I am teh bugtester here Sad No credits for me :S.
This tool is CRAZY! it works perfect yesterday we fixed some small things { amn but we discussed some }
This guy has made an AMAZING tool!
Good work Amn!!
10-26-2013, 01:56 PM
plutomaniac Offline
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RE: AmnTool 1.0 Release: Tool for modders

Yes it will definitely make those huge debug logs smaller while developing a custom story/full conversion.
10-26-2013, 02:00 PM
Daemian Offline
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RE: AmnTool 1.0 Release: Tool for modders

Here are some results in case someone is curious:

1. I put this material in my mod engineroom_atlas_01.mat
2. I ran the tool. option .mat check: missing files, fix path.

Image: results

Above, the original file, below the results.

It found the textures the file needed and changed the paths to your mod.

And here is another example how it changes paths:
1. I created a map with different objects from random folders.
2. I put my map (.map) in my mod and ran the tool option: .map check: fix missing files, paths.

Image: Map Result (Inside the map)
You can see at the right how it changed the paths to my mod and copied the files.

A correct path to your files is useful when browsing for files in the editors, it takes you directly to the file instead of starting at /redist. And also avoids the game having to search for the file through all your stuff.

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10-26-2013, 04:56 PM
7heDubz Offline
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RE: AmnTool 1.0 Release: Tool for modders

love you.

10-26-2013, 05:09 PM
RaideX Offline

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RE: AmnTool 1.0 Release: Tool for modders

i'm having a question for this tool. Can the tool somehow detect entities that are played from the script file and copy them over to the mod folder? Maybe i'm just missing the option to do so somewhere but if not that would be a good addition in my opinion.

If you don't draw first, you don't get to draw at all... -The False Shepherd
11-26-2013, 09:18 PM
Daemian Offline
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RE: AmnTool 1.0 Release: Tool for modders

Yeap, it is. I'm adding it in a sec.

edit: Ready and tested. Download updated.

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12-03-2013, 12:04 AM

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