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RE: Old Games Freakin' Rock - Froge - 12-27-2012

(12-27-2012, 07:16 PM)failedALIAS Wrote: [Image: RollercoasterTycoon2.jpg]
I nostalgia'ed. Rollercoaster Tycoon was really fun.

Also does anyone played Heroes of Might and Magic IV? Best in the series IMO. Yes, I've played III.

RE: Old Games Freakin' Rock - crisosphinx - 12-27-2012

(12-27-2012, 09:53 PM)the dark side Wrote: i dont think i ever sold a game that i have loved. i dont see the point, because i know im gonna miss it, and it may be impossible to get another copy.

hmm, suprised no ones mentioned the original "Red Faction" yet, that game is a real forgotten gem. an innovator in its time, being one of the first FPS games to have envioronment destruction, with thumpy shooting, fun gameplay, and a suprisingly deep main charachter. shame its been forgotten, how come it has?

I don't have a computer that supports most of them. Red Faction was great, so was Emperor Battle for Dune... Dune was the first RTS ever in the history of gaming, Emperor Battle for Dune was the 4th or 5th. So good... But I couldn't play any of my old games. Gems like Settlers 3 are still difficult to get running on Windows xp, let alone, Windows 7.

RE: Old Games Freakin' Rock - the dark side - 12-27-2012

i have dual OS on my main PC, XP and 7, and i have an elderly laptop that has windows 98 on it, as well as proper MSDOS (dosbox is unreliable as hell), just in case i cant get a game to patch up to xp,. i only really use win 7 for "throwback" titles such as Hard Reset and Serious Sam III.

hmm, not sure, but, i think "Dark Reign" kicked off RTS for me, another forgotten game. can't get it to work on xp though, so that one runs on my laptop. man, shame many of these old games were not futureproofed.

RE: Old Games Freakin' Rock - brute360 - 12-27-2012

I can't get my original Red Faction work properly on my win 7 computer, graphics are all messed.

RE: Old Games Freakin' Rock - the dark side - 12-27-2012

that sounds like it could be a conflict between the games graphical architecture and the drivers in your graphics card. hmm, you may need a patch to reconfigure the game files to accept the new card drivers so the game can emulate properly, take a look around, some modder somewhere has doubtless done some.

RE: Old Games Freakin' Rock - brute360 - 12-27-2012

Oh yeah, i forgot to update the game, thanks.

I found something called "Pure Faction" that might fix that, trying now

RE: Old Games Freakin' Rock - the dark side - 12-27-2012

no problem, heres hoping you get it to work so you can enjoy it again. ive had to patch several of my old games, as, although i can install and run them on my XP secondary OS no issue, ive had many emulation issues between the games graphical architectures (often designed for old AMD radeon 7000 series and Nvidea Geforce 3 drivers) and the drivers for my Nvidea GTX card, that often need a community created "futureproofing" patch to fix. i quess it happens to all us retro gamers. Lithtech engine games (Blood 2, Shogo, NOLF series, Nakatomi Plaza, etc) perhaps needing the most, my goodness that engine is Picky!

RE: Old Games Freakin' Rock - brute360 - 12-27-2012

Red Faction works properly now, awesome!

RE: Old Games Freakin' Rock - eliasfrost - 12-27-2012

(12-27-2012, 09:47 PM)crisosphinx Wrote:
(12-27-2012, 09:31 PM)nackidno Wrote: Now that you mention original medium, I have the original World of Xeen CDs (the combo game made up of Might and Magic 4 and 5) I don't have the box though, it was lost yeeeaaaars ago, which is a shame.

I sold my mint-condition Quake 2 disk and my original mint-condition Hexen 2 disk. I also go rid of some newer games (Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War 1), Emperor Battle for Dune (I enjoyed it... Original jewel case edition, average worth is $40 on the internet, max is $80). I think I got $50 for it. I use to have waaaayyyy more than I have now. I downsized...

The game kinda hold a sentimental value for me, since it was the first real RPG I played. I will never sell it lol. Smile

RE: Old Games Freakin' Rock - the dark side - 12-27-2012

fantastic! glad to help brute. enjoy.

thats a point, no ones mentioned either of the Blood games (i mentioned II in my lithtech list), what happened to that series?, it just, vanished after 2. shame, it was good.

"its howdiedoody time kiddies.. the bad man is here..."

"i live...Again?"

"come on, come on, press something, ive got places to see and people to kill"

"one bloodbath stew, hold the giblets...."

"have you ever been or are the protragonist in a videogame.." "You gotta be kidding me!!"

"...brown paper packages all tied up with string...these are a few of my favourite things....god.. what a shitty song..."

man, caleb cracks me up!