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RE: ATDD: Savegames Gallery - franciscoaliberti - 04-25-2012

(04-25-2012, 09:07 PM)plutomaniac Wrote: To reach this point you need like...5 minutes? Or less.
5 minutes starting from where? I spent more then 2 hours playing before reaching Celler Archives. Maybe you're thinking of Old Archives.

Celler Archives is in a flooded place and if you touch the water this monster comes running at you.

RE: ATDD: Savegames Gallery - plutomaniac - 04-25-2012

Mmm, yes, I think that is the case with the demo. Sorry about that. Well refinery is close to the cellar archives but it seems that after the old archives save it goes to back hall which is way after. Oh well, I think you might have to play it again. The game is great anyway...