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Interesting interview with Tom Jubert
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RE: Interesting interview with Tom Jubert

dreadi Wrote:Hmm. I sure hope that by abstract they don't mean more like Philip's "infection" sequence or the ending's tests because they certainly were the worst parts of the game. What made Penumbra creepy was the realistic environments combined with logical puzzles and to some extent the enemies that were plausible and incredible at the same time (and of course the different kinds lunacy of everyone that talks to you). The abstract parts with their poor environment design and surreal puzzles really threw me off the creepy mood.

Me too. Not to mention, that Black Plague runs perfectly on my notebook, but starts to incredibly lag during the first dream sequence ! It even freezes quite often ! :-( I don't know, whether I'll pass it at all. I so want to finish the game...

"You... silly Billy !" (Clarence, Penumbra : Black Plague)
08-23-2008, 10:59 AM

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