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Amnesia as a franchise or series of games.
Alex Ros Offline
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Lightbulb  Amnesia as a franchise or series of games.

Due to the presence of the two sides of the Amnesia coin in the form of the Dark Descent and a Machine for Pigs, at some point I just found myself unconsciously thinking about the continuation of the series. The format of the series is set, there's no unifying hero, no unifying place and time of action, the only unifying element is the loss of memory of the protagonist and the presence of the mysterious Orb artifact.

Events of the Amnesia the Dark Descent are taking place in a remote medieval Brennenburg Castle in Prussia in 1839. The year when the first photo of the moon was taken, also the year when the first parallax measurement of the distance to Alpha Centauri was published. Those two facts are interesting in combination with the fact we face the Alexander in game, who can be perceived as an alien at some point of view, otherworldly creature. Nonetheless, that is obvious that I do not know why the year of 1839 was chosen exactly, it may be just an absolutely randomly chosen year. By the way it's intriguingly interesting what do you think why the year of 1839 was chosen for the events of the Dark Descent?

The only thing that really matters is that the events of a Machine for Pigs are taking place in strictly 60 years later. This is quite an amusing coincidence, if this coincidence at all, because if desired it can be used as the Amnesia series standard, that the events of the other chapters should be separated one from another with 60 years in particular. Thus nominal continuation of the Amnesia could take place in 1959 or vice versa in 1779. Surely, there is no particular reasons at all to stick to that 60 years separation in between parts of the series, but as I personally do believe there is a strange grace, a kind of unexplainable but nevertheless existing composition. What do you think about that 60 years separation in between parts of the series? I mean how do you like the idea of using that a standard for a series?

P.S. Sorry for my clumsy English. When I am writing in real time without checking and overchecking over and over again until everything is truly right I know that I am making stupid language errors.

And by the way 1779 year is a year of the Industrial Revolution in England. The Iron Bridge, the world's first bridge built entirely of cast iron, is erected across the River Severn in Shropshire. Quite an interesting period of time as long as both the Dark Descent and a Machine for Pigs are actively digging the topic of industrialization. The whole period of time in between 1750 approximately to 1850 is a turning point for the mankind. Religion vs. Science. Irrational vs. Logical. Servant of God vs. Pinnacle of Evolution. Etc.

Well, there's another option to use 60 years as a standard, but a quite a bit more interesting. 60 years could be turned into 600 years, thus the custom Amnesia continuation could take place sometime at 1239, the time of Crusades, inquisition, alchemy, witchery, etc. There was a truce in between Christians and Muslims. And that truce expired exactly in 1239 and Jerusalem was taken following a siege by the Muslims.
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09-16-2013, 06:59 PM
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RE: Amnesia as a franchise or series of games.

Hmm....quite an interesting take on this. I heartily approve.
09-18-2013, 03:47 PM
Alex Ros Offline
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RE: Amnesia as a franchise or series of games.

Just a little bit of considerations out loud, not a call to action. Yeah, the text below does not means that anyone, especially me personally is going work and do something. It's just me and my broad speculations on how it might be and might be not, I mean the possible continuation of the Amnesia series or franchise.

60 years passed since the events of a Machine for Pigs and 1959 is being celebrated. The Brennenburg castle is far long razed to the ground and buried deep underground somewhere in the in today's northeastern Poland. There's no tiny village of Altstadt left, because of frightening events of 1839. However, who knows, it may be just the bloody World War with eagles of fascism, which finally transformed Altstadt into a deserted place. Anyway, once inhabited region amid the woods has turned into an uninhabited endless woodlands.

Just as simple and straightforward as I could imagine, the archaeological excavation is already started. Obviously we play the role of one of the members of the expedition Thoden Graber, nothing real special. The upper part of the castle is already excavated and by observation of the remains of walls it's possible to make a schematic layout of ruined interiors.

A little bit of information to the background of such a unique "excavation" storyline. Quite a modest group of archaeologists, 6 maybe 8 people, is sponsored by someone "behind the curtains" under the name of Aira Phyrite. There's absolutely nothing wrong or just strange with that "behind the curtains" connoisseur of antiquities. He's a well known old american businessman, who is not obsessed with antiquities, not a fanatic, just a usual philanthropist.

The story begins when our protagonist Thoden Graber accidentally falls into a yet unexplored dungeon and, surely, loses his memory. What an exclusively new unexpected plot twist for a supposedly horror story! But that dungeon leads into the system of the natural caves, not into the lower sections of the ruined Brennenburg castle. Somewhere in that stone labyrinth of caverns there's an undertow, we can hear the sound of the streaming water. Perhaps, that undertow might lead to the surface. It should be true, cause someone has already been there and already passed this way. Perhaps, that is a way which Daniel have passed in order to leave collapsed castle and completely ruined lower chambers of the Brennenburg castle... just an opportunity to tell how exactly Daniel left the destroyed castle. And and it does not necessary to take advantage of this opportunity.
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09-22-2013, 04:10 PM
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