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evertuy Offline
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I was, on the stagecoach...
But now I'm in the manor?
Where do I go?

Manor Gaulion: Search for the Crown

You are a German nobleman named Milhaus Himsel. You hear of fortunes untold at a seemingly abandoned manor in the Austrian woods. Further investigation shows that the fabled "Crown" made from gold and encrusted with black diamonds, the rarest of their kind. You are very excited and set off from Berlin and travel to Austria. Due to the time, 1845, you were forced to take a stagecoach to your destination. The last thing you remember is traveling on a foggy road and then falling asleep. You then wake up IN the manor you were traveling to. How? What? You must figure out what is happening at Manor Gaulion, and the secrets it holds deep.

This is a demo of my works, and I completely redid it from my original concept. Please, enjoy and indulge yourself in Gaulion.

I'm looking for criticism and bug look outs. Please comment on this, as it is a WIP and could use some feedback.

Spoiler below!
[Image: 33D7CCD04AE72BD3947037DAED3C960D8F3F6732]

Spoiler below!
[Image: 567C2BBE7A5E2651A19B5ECC3D2F12D65B5299BF]

Spoiler below!
[Image: 4B965645580EC5AFBB0FE675027F6B5FC5C8D26E]

Spoiler below!
[Image: F6BD1D01AAD95EB4CED036B67819D393E88D7957]

Small bug fixes:

Old Link:

V1.0 Demo released.
V1.1 Small bug fixed DEMO v1.1 released
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05-01-2011, 05:01 PM
ZxBrad Offline

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Trying rite now.
Ok i played it. I didnt complete it but i have enough bugs.

Spoiler below!
1. The water monster doesnt have music when u walk into the water and it doesnt go after you until u enter the one room on the right. When he attacks you and if u die. The monster doesnt spawn there anymore and it doesnt exist. the room where you have to hit the wall with the rock. somehow fell through the floor where the rock was and died. Last. The castle halls. Was great. but when i go back to the dungeon it spawns me back to the room where the water mosnter is.

WARNING: Noob Doesn't Know How To Script.
[Image: xcn384.gif]

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05-01-2011, 07:55 PM
SkyeGU Offline
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Spoiler below!

Oh man, you have the land water monster problem. Sad Or at least it happened to me. After leaving the water and ascending the stairs to the door with the switch beside it in the Dungeon, I suddenly freaked out as I realized that the water monster was splashing through the air, up the stairs, and right behind me to kill me. It continued doing this even into the room with the water flowing down the wall (with the hole in the bricks). The only way to make it go away was to die and respawn without it.

Also, in the room with the giant ale keg (in the water in the Dungeon) you can climb the box in the water, jump on the shelves, jump on the keg, and jump over the wall. You get trapped, of course, but you can jump out of the level. And that's bad.

You had a nice creepy atmosphere going with the first two areas (especially the wardrobe that flies open. Freaked me out), but I think that the water monster detracts from that. It's unexplained, short, and a little bit frustrating because the water is just deep enough that boxes bob in it and occasionally make the water monster attack you. There is no permanent safety. Too volatile. But perhaps i'm being too critical; wait to see what others say.

The only comment I have about the first area is regarding a scare script that puts a skull in the hallway. This triggered and put the skull behind me as I was heading for the exit door. Was it supposed to happen before I got to it? I had to turn around and go "Oh, woah. Skull." Certainly interesting either way.

05-02-2011, 07:51 AM
RazTK Offline
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I could have sworn there was a monster corpse coming out of the closet in the second map... But there's none now. Weird.
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05-09-2011, 08:27 PM

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