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Level Editor Help Black&White screen effect possible?
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RE: Black&White screen effect possible?

Hmm.. I have been thinking about this issue - since I intend to change around some shaders. Would be nifty to have a launcher which has buttons for;

Button A. Launch the mod

Button B. Change filenames to fit mod:
Shaderfile1.glsl --> Shaderfile1_Original.glsl
Shaderfile2.glsl --> Shaderfile2_Original.glsl
Shaderfile1_Modname.glsl --> Shaderfile1.glsl
Shaderfile2_Modname.glsl --> Shaderfile2.glsl

Button C. Change filenames to original:
Shaderfile1.glsl --> Shaderfile1_Modname.glsl
Shaderfile2.glsl --> Shaderfile2_Modname.glsl
Shaderfile1_Original.glsl --> Shaderfile1.glsl
Shaderfile2_Original.glsl --> Shaderfile2.glsl

The user would have to manually swap between 'Mod-mode' and 'Original content' through the launcher, basically renaming a lot of files quickly.

Could possibly be made customizable by having a separate textfile which specifies which files to rename, so that each user may go and specify what sort of core files they want to swap.

[Image: mZiYnxe.png]

09-16-2014, 03:46 PM

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