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No deal on Steam this weekend?
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RE: No deal on Steam this weekend?

I was just about to buy the game there, too.

...until I noticed that (I'm from Germany, by the way) they changed the price here from $4.99 to 4.99 Euro. :frown:

I know, with such a low price it's just a matter of a few bucks (4.99€ instead of ~3.50€) and I shouldn't really care - but it's not about the money.
I just find it outrageous to so completely ignore the currency rate. As I said, I know it's not a big deal in this case, but the sheer fact that they so boldly ignore it (just imagine I wanted to buy something in their store for $100 [~70€]? would they just turn that into 100€ or what?) made me angry enough to cancel the payment.

I'm sorry, this isn't your fault and I would have liked to buy it for that price - but I dont want to support a shop that treats the exchange rate as if it didn't exist. That's not the kind of fair treatment I'd expect from a good shop. :/

Guess, I'll just buy this edition somewhere in a store, instead...
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