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PS4 Crash - Blue Screen with Crosshair and remaining sounds

Not Solved Exclamation  PS4 Crash - Blue Screen with Crosshair and remaining sounds
I just purchased SOMA for PS4 from the PSN store the other day and have run into this crash/bug several times.

The screen will suddenly turn all light blue witht he crosshair/dot still remaining as well as all normal sounds, the game continues for all intents and purposes. I can still pause the game and everything regularly. If I save and reload, the save comes up with the blue screen.

This first happened at the Delta crash area. I tried loading an earlier save, rebooting the PS4, rebooting the game itself, and it kept happening. I tried one last time and randomly it did NOT occur and let me progress. Same story at the Omicron entrance and now it started happening again when being chased by the enemy after picking up the battery pack.

I'm extremely frustrated with this especially seeing how I'm truly enjoying your game otherwise, but at this point I've become more afraid of the bug than the actual game.

See here for a picture:
[Image: wBY5t1o.jpg]
05-23-2017, 07:28 PM
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