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Black Plague (spoiler): door won't open
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RE: Black Plague (spoiler): door won't open

Well there's only one direction to go in, through the wall. There's no way I'm going back through the door with the infected pounding on it, and once you go through the wall the tunnels lead you in only one direction. All the annoying blurring and shaking around makes it difficult to see where you are, but when you crawl out of the last tunnel and stand up again, you find yourself in a room which leads in only one direction, as far as I can see. Am I right to think that I need to go through a glass sliding door first and into a sort of 'airlock' with another door at the end?
Ok, I just watched this and noted:

* His passage through the tunnels doesn't suffer from anywhere near the amount of blurring and shaking mine does

* I'm turning right not left; heading through the wrong door!

Sorry about that, will give this a go later tonight. Oh and by the way, earlier I threw the chemicals in the machine in no particular order. I hope that doesn't matter, and it's only the mixing order which matters.
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