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Game crashes on startup (Steam version only)

Not Solved Game crashes on startup (Steam version only)
I haven't tried Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs for quite some time. I did play through it once, and it worked fine, but now when I try it the game immediately crashes. Looking at the hpl.log, it gets as far as:

Quote:Initializing Game Module
 Adding engine updates
 Initializing script functions

User Initialization
Loading data from cloud storage

It says "Loading data from cloud storage" regardless of whether or not I have Steam Cloud support enabled for the game.

I can get it to start if I shut down the Steam client, remove the local Cloud files from the "userdata" directory in ~/.steam, remove the game settings from ~/.frictionalgames/Amnesia/Pig and restart Steam again. (I don't know exactly how much of this I have to do.)

But as soon as I've created a profile, the game crashes on startup again.

I thought part of my problem was that I had created a profile with the letter "ö" in the name. This used to work, but now the game no longer allows that. I have no way (that I know of) to remove that profile from the Steam Cloud, but surely disabling that should keep it from even trying?

The non-Steam version doesn't seem to have this problem for me. I'm running the "unstable" version of Debian
03-10-2019, 08:53 AM
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