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You know you have played too much Penumbra when...
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RE: You know you have played too much Penumbra when...

When you, of all places, want to visit Greenland all of a sudden.

When you never leave the house without a notebook, a flashlight, a glowstick and a pickaxe for comfort.

When you feel safer in the dark than in the light.

When your night vision suddenly improves while sitting still in the shadow of a doorframe.

When you suffer symptoms of disposophobia and start hoarding loads of potentially useful items, convinced they will help you progress through life somehow.

When you never go anywhere without a padlock. And preferably a key to go with it.

When cabin fever all of a sudden looks so appealing.

When you start hearing voices and develop a malevolent split personality with suicidal tendencies.

When your best friend is named after a primary colour.

When you never want to visit another dog kennel for the rest of your life.

When you jot down a note, just in case...

When you decide to buy Amnesia: The Dark Descent simply because it was made by Frictional Games.

If fate frowns, we all perish.
Do not fear the darkness, but welcome its embrace.
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